National anthem of Snagov

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Tu, Snagov, țară mândră
You, Snagov, proud country

National anthem of
Flag of Snagov.svg the Snagovian Federal Republic

LyricsȘtefan Marius Snagoveanu and Chilău David Robert, 22 January 2021
MusicGustav Ernesaks, 20 July 1945
Adopted22 January 2021

Instrumental version

Tu, Snagov, țară mândră is the national anthem of the Snagovian Federal Republic. Its music was originally composed to be the regional anthem of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic by Gustav Ernesaks, who himself was Estonian.

The lyrics were made by Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu and Chilău David Robert, the President and the Vice President of the country, respectively. The anthem was made official on the 22nd of January, 2021.

It has versions in all of the three official languages of the republic, the English version, however, does not fit the instrumental, and it's possible they may change so they can actually be sang in the future.


Below, are the official lyrics, with Romanian , English, and Snagovian versions.

Romanian English Snagovian

Tu Snagov, țară mândră cu oameni harnici

Ai îndurat de-a lungul veacurilor

O nouă eră glorioasă te-așteaptă

Regiunea Snagoveană s-a unit

Poporul Snagovean te apară

Cu pas viteaz și cu focul din inimă

You Snagov, proud country of hard working people

You endured throughout the ages

A new glorious era awaits you

The Snagovian region has united

The Snagovian people defend you

With brave step and a heart of fire

Тȣ Снагѡв, царъ мѫндръ кȣ ѡамєнй харнйкй

Ай ꙟндȣрат дє-а лȣнгȣл вєакȣрйлѡр

Ѡ нѡȣъ єръ глѡрйѡасъ тє-аштєаптъ

Рєгйȣнєа Снагѡвєанъ с-а ȣнйт

Пѡпѡрȣл Снагѡвєан тє апаръ

Кȣ пас вйтєаз шй кȣ фѡкȣл дйн йнймъ