National Security Council (Sonora)

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National Security Council
Consejo de Seguridad Nacional

Headquarters None (de jure)
Marxia (de facto)

Languages used English

Agency executives
Vice President
President of the Confederation Congress
Minister of Defense
Minister of State Affairs
Minister of Health and Safety
Minister of Justice

The National Security Council is the Sonoran Confederation's national security advisory team to the President. It was formed on 19 January 2019 on the advice of the President of the Confederation Congress following concerns of the ever growing authoritarian policies of the United States and the democratic ideals of California which surround the borders of Sonora. The ever growing cold war was labelled as a "serious security concern for Sonora's existence" by the Congressional leader and a major concern by recent reports by the Ministry of Defense.

The NSC consists of the President of Sonora, the Vice President, the President of the Confederation Congress, the Minister of Defense, Minister of State Affairs, Minister of Health and Safety and the Minister of Justice.

The role of the NSC is to provide advice to the President on national security issues and how to best legislate national defense laws.