National Republic of Mondainia

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The National Republic of Mondainia was just intellectual property from 2013-15 but in 2015 we have gained three territories and done every thing else in the Montevideo convention ( so by that decree we are an official micronation.

Military power

The National Republic of Mondainia's military is a formidable one with an army with active duty personnel and armed guards, a navy that is not currently sea worth but is used as good cover and is quite large so it is used as lookout out as it is high of the ground and provides cover, the navy is planning an small upgrade to it's fleet by adding functioning recon boats. it is also planning to put some budget to her air force; also used for reconecence.

it's staff include: private 1st class (Corporal) Heandon , captain Zeiba , Lt. general Houlbrook , the king , and others who do not wish to be named