National Party (Viadalvia)

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National Party
Dergovigun Partij
LeaderTimo Vink
ChairpersonJustin Knive
PresidentAndy Neef
SpokespersonHebert Kuchmijer
Founded6 October 2014
Youth wingVrijheid voor Viadalvie
IdeologyConservatism Capitalism
Pro-American polictics
International affiliationUnion of Viadalvian Parties
Official coloursgreen
4 / 10
Party flag
Unionist Party.png

The National Party is a political party in Viadalvia. The party was founded by Timo Vink, after the collapse of the Unionist Party

On October 6, 2014, Vink officially launched the party. A subsequent poll by the SLP indicated that National Party and the Social Liberal would be tied for second place with 3 seats each in the Staatsraad which counts 10 seats. Vink declared that her movement would consist of "sympathizers" and, like the Viadalvian Nationalist Party,It promote Viadalvian nationalism and also Conservatism, Capitalism, Unionism, Anti-Socialism and Right-Wing polictics