Public holidays in Mondero

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Mondero celebrates 10 public holidays. Following is the comprehensive list of national holidays in Mondero.

Set Dates

  • 31 Jan - Recreation Day (celebrating the outdoors and the birthday of Faith Huynh)
  • 13 Feb - World Friendship Day (celebrating international brotherhood and the birthday of Will Wheaton)
  • 15 Mar - Legal Day (celebrating the simplicity of the legal system and the birthday of Ian Tembe)
  • 6 Apr - International Day (celebrating the diversity of language and culture in Mondero and the birthday of Mondero's founder, Quint Guvernator)
  • 19 May - Recognition Day (recognising and helping the Blind and Deaf communities)
  • 15 Jun - Military Day (celebrating the continued peacefulness of the military and the birthday of its leader, Carter Hall)
  • 19 Jun - Mondero Day (celebrating the founding of Mondero in 2010)
  • 17 Aug - Childrens' Day
  • 16 Nov - Media Day (celebrating the alliance of the Government with the non-censored media and the birthday of its leader, Alan Salimov)
  • 24 Nov - Holi Day (the winter holiday)


  • Every other Friday starting 25 Jun (2010) - Voting Day (business shut down to vote)