National Diet (Mendersia)

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The National Diet is the Parliament of Mendersia and is officially located in Via, but its negotiations are conducted online.

National Diet

Národní sněm
Coat of arms or logo
Samuel Lauko, MPNC
1. Deputy chairman (President of Mendersia)
Jan Mírný, MPNC
since 4 June 2020
2. Deputy chairman (Prime Minister of Mendersia)
František Heller, MPNC
since 4 June 2020
Political groups
MPNC (7)
7 / 8
Vacant (1)
1 / 8
5 - Elected in Parliamentary Elections
3 - President, Prime Minister and Vice President
Last election
July 2020
Meeting place
Via, Mendersia
Discord server

Your party must have at least 10% of the votes in order to reach the National Diet. There are 8 deputies in the Diet, 5 of whom are elected in the parliamentary elections and 3 are the President, the Prime Minister and the Vice-President.