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Nat. Council of The Republic of Abrus
1st National Council of Abrus
Unicameral Legislature
HousesHigh Council
FoundedNovember 1, 2016 (2016-11-01)
Preceded byParliament of Abrus
President of the Council
Tammy Cavanaugh
Stacey Hitz
High Council political groups
Meeting place
Website of the National Council of Abrus

Republic of Abrus

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The National Council of the Republic of Abrus, commonly referred to as the Abranian Council, is the legislative branch of the government of Abrus. It consists of three elements: The President of the Council, and the Speaker. The combination of one elected house, in which the members of the House represent electoral divisions according to population.

The house, consists of 4 seats: 2 for each county. Members are elected using a form of proportional voting. The house meets on a Government maintained website. The present National Council is the 1st National Council of the Republic.


The Council of Abrus Started 1 November 2016 after the Kingdom of Abrus turned into a Republic. The National Council only has 4 members because of the small Population of the Nation.


The principal function of the Council is to pass laws, or legislation. Any Member may introduce a proposed law (a bill). Bills introduced by the Members are just called bills. All bills must be passed by the House to become law. The enacting formula for Acts of the Council is simply "The National Council of Abrus enacts:".

The National Council performs other functions besides legislation. It can discuss urgency motions or matters of public importance: these provide a forum for debates on public policy matters. Members can move motions of censure against the government or against individual ministers. On most sitting days in the House there is a session called Question Time at which Members address questions to the President of the Council and other members. Members can also present petitions from their constituents. the House has an extensive system of committees in which draft bills are debated, evidence is taken and public servants are questioned.


Members of the National Council are exempt from being prosecuted for all crimes except for Federal felonies.


Federal Elections are held to pick the Members of Parliament. A Federal Election is held every year on the 25th of November. After a federal election concludes, All members of the National Council are to recite an oath of office (which is different for multiple positions such as President, etc.) to bear full allegiance to the nation. Also after a federal election has concluded the President will open parliament and address the council with a state of the union Address, much like the president of the United States.

State Opening

The State Opening of The National Council is an annual event that marks the commencement of a session of the National Council of the Republic of Abrus.


The President of Abrus reads a speech, known as the State of the Union Address, which is prepared by himself and his or her cabinet members, outlining the Government's agenda for the coming year. The speech reflects the legislative agenda for which the Cabinet seeks the agreement of the National Council.

After the President leaves, the National Council proceeds to the consideration of an "Address in Reply to the President's Gracious Speech." and 1 week later come together for the first mandatory meeting.