National Assembly of Andany

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Flag Map of Andany.png This article relates to the Principality of Andany. CoA Andany.png
National Assembly of Andany
Asamblea Nacional de Andany (es)
Assemblée Nationale d'Andany (fr)
National Assembly of Andany Logo.png
Type Bicameral
Houses Senate, House of Representatives
Party Leader Pablo Macias, Athenian Imperial Party
since 1 January 2018
Party Leader Will van den Boom, Roman Imperial Party
since 1 January 2018
Members 33 members
Andanian Senate.png
Political groups


Andanian House of Representatives.png
Political groups

House of Representatives

Last election 1 January 2018
Meeting place
Assembly Hall, District of Floriano Flag of District of Floriano.png

The National Assembly is the legislative assembly and the supreme state body of the Principality of Andany. It meets in the District of Floriano every Friday. It is a legislature based on principles of direct democracy: the Constitution grants membership in the assembly to every national citizen of Andany. National citizens are taken into account while voting, as it is open to the public on special occasions. The 2018 Constitution was in force, which changed some things for the National Assembly. The legislature of 33 members are elected for a yearly term.

The National Assembly has helped with the creation of states before Andany was founded. This demonstrates stable diplomatic relations inside of Andany and its states. Since the National Assemly is the legislative body of Andany, it was first formed by an assembly of all citizens with full political rights. The assembly was elected by other citizens of Andany. As the Chair of the Assembly was picked, the Assembly quickly stabilized. The Chair was held by the Prince of Andany himself. In January 2018, a new Assembly was elected. The Chair didn't change, but the Vice-Chair and the other member changed. Not all members of the assembly are Andanian citizens.

Political parties

Party Name Short name Leader Colors Seats
Senate House of Representatives
Athenian Imperial Party AIP Pablo Macias
6 / 33
18 / 33
Roman Imperial Party RIP Will van den Boom
5 / 33
4 / 33