Nathaniel Smithsonian

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Believed to be the only existing image of Nathaniel Smithsonian (contested)

Nathaniel Smithsonian is believed to be the current acting Civilian Representative of the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums. Despite his much renowned and desirable position in the great UDROR little is known of Smithsonian's personal life. He has become somewhat of an urban-myth in the republic, for his highly elusive nature. It has been postulated that only Election Leader Tristen knows Smithsonian and is on speaking terms with the recluse.

Early life

Rather obviously, little is known of Smithsonian's early life. He is believed to have been born in Armenia. Rumors have been circulating that Smithsonian became a highly sought after militant before reaching adolescence. In a rare leak from the Ministry of Liberty it was confirmed that Smithsonian fled central Asia after committing ██████████. In a rare interview with BBC reporter Ashlib Kumar, Election Leader Tristen paraphrased Smithsonian, "Thou civilian who flunks vote, thou civilian who is corrupt, let he be tormented by the ghosts of wars past." These chilling remarks once again brought into question Smithsonian's checkered past, but Election Leader Tristen once again affirmed his backing.

Position within the Republic

Civilian Representative

Following his early years spent as an insurgent it is believed that Smithsonian sought a quite life in the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums. Somehow Smithsonian found his way into government, it is believed that this happened through a connection with Election Leader Tristen in his early years (this is highly disputed).

Since assuming his position he has led great reforms and programs such as ██████████ and ██████████. Smithsonian has gained an almost cult-like status with his ██████████ and ██████████ all of which have immensely improved the lives of the layman.


Despite the revere Smithsonian has earned for ██████████ his escapades in the military have been shrouded in controversy. Despite being the civilian representative, Smithsonian is known to have a keen interest in the military campaigns. During his famous Mount Drury Address, Election Leader Tristen is said to have attributed the ██████████ of multiple civilians to Smithsonian. Multiple other acts by the Ministry of Liberty relating to the██████████ of civilians have been attributed to Smithsonian.