Nabil Ihsan

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Nabil Ihsan
Nabil (right, white-uniformed) in 2011, Jumstraad
Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations
Assumed office
20 September 2019
Predecessor Tommy Narisworo
Successor Incumbent
Chairman of Suwarnakarta Institute
Assumed office
5 July 2016
Governor of Suwarnakarta
In office
June 2013 - 20 July 2016
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished
President of Indokistan
In office
16 February 2012 - 21 August 2012
Predecessor Dicky L. K.
Successor National Salvation Council
In office
18 December 2012 - 4 July 2013
Predecessor Jendri Mamahit
Successor Tian Abdurrahman
Prime Minister of Indokistan
In office
20 September 2010 - 15 February 2012
President Farhan Abdurrahman
Dicky L. K.
Predecessor Position established
Successor vacant (abolished in 2013)
Member of Indokistani Federal Council
In office
16 September - 3 October 2012
Predecessor National Salvation Council
Successor Jendri Mamahit (as President of Indokistan)
Member of National Salvation Council
In office:
August - 16 September 2012
Predecessor Himself (as President of Indokistan)
Successor Indokistani Federal Council
Personal information
Born November 14
Nationality Indonesia
Political party United Republican Party (2011)
United Peoples Party (2011-2012)
Solidarity Party (2012)
Independent (since 2013)
Religion Islam

Nabil Ihsan is a former Indokistani politician who served as the governor for the Indokistani capital city Suwarnakarta from 2013 until 2016. He was one of the founders of Indokistan, and served as the only country's Prime Minister from 2010 until 2012, then the President in 2012 until 2013.

He was the main motor of Indokistani government, since his former position as the prime minister causing him to constantly active and run the country - which was continued until the dissolution of Indokistan in 2016, and was known as the most prolific member of the National Forum, setting an example to other members. He also the main representative of Indokistan to micronational world, representing Indokistan on the general session of the AIM, MASA, and formerly GUM.

After the dissolution of Indokistan, he is the only Indokistani citizens to officially confirmed his continuing activity in micronational world, despite without any micronational citizenship. He currently runs a micronational academic institution called Suwarnakarta Institute.

Micronational career

Establishment of Indokistan

The first people to gave idea on establishing a micronation, his views was supported by Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K., which was successfully convinced them to form the nation of Indokistan. He was the writer of the proclamation of establishment text and become a great contributor for the nation since then, especially after his appointment as prime minister by Farhan.

Prime ministership

After his appointment as prime minister, his first act was to form a parliament and a council of minister. On this period, he was the only Indokistani representative to foreign micronations, because of that he also act as a diplomat on national diplomacy, editor of Indokistan-related information inside MicroWiki, and the main editor of the Indokistan News Network.

He successfully supported the country during Indokistan-Ntolian War and quickly controlled national situation after Nameless incident that occured simultaneously on April 2011. On June 2011, he authorized process to convert Indokistan as a single-party state under United Peoples Party after order from president Farhan Abdurrahman, and also clarifying this issue after Indrawan Prasetyo of Los Bay Petros attacked the move.

After Dicky L. K. secured his victory in 2011 election, he trusted Nabil to became his head of government. His second period was stable compared with his first, with only minor issues occurred inside the country. On the last year of 2011, he contributed on the formation of first constitution and authorizes an embargo against Santos.


On 15 January 2012, Dicky L. K. resigned, which forced him to took position as acting president. Shortly after his ascension as president, he decided to join Indonovia, which was later proved as a failure. Under his presidency, he declared the establishment of emergency government, survived until Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam and Bobodolands unified with Indokistan to establish Federal Republic of Indokistan. Inside the Federal Republic, he was the member of Federal Council, a position he shared with Tian Abdurrahman and Jendri Mamahit.

After regained his presidential seat after departure of Jendri Mamahit in December 2012, he declared an establishment of provisional government and starting the process of national reform. On this era, he contributed on the reunification of Raflesinesia and Kingdom of Wirasena to Indokistan on February and March 2013. Presidential election was took place in June 2013, resulting on the victory of Tian Abdurrahman, ended his reign as president, as the new president also started new era of Indokistan, which was the formation of the Federal State of Indokistan.

Nabil was the figure inside this famous photo taken in July 2016, when he took off the Emblem of Indokistan from a wall in Suwarnakarta

Federal State

After July 2013, Nabil had no other political position than the governor of Suwarnakarta and member of the National Forum. He always showed his enthusiast inside the Forum, with always attending the session and to frequently proposed new legislation. He was trusted to become the main admin for the National Forum session rooms, despite that the nominal head of the Forum was the president.

He was the main representative led several other diplomats to the Madyaraksa Committee in August 2014 to establish the proposed confederation with Los Bay Petros. Sudden decision of Los Bay Petros to recall all of their representatives hampers all attempts of further discussion, led him to also left the committee and cancel the proposed confederation. Before the end of the committee, he already proposed the national flag for Madyaraksa.

He realizes that Indokistan has face hardships in mid-2015, since the country's development pace has gone slower than before, Nabil then decided that a mitigation should be prepared for the declining country. His decision to simplify government institutions in April 2016 was accepted by Forum members.

In 2016, understands that the country cannot be run with inactive members, he initiated the move to dissolve Indokistan. Despite of initial opposition, the proposal was then accepted since he successfully explained to other Forum members on the current situation Indokistan facing. He led the process to create the dissolution decree, and forced other members to ratify the draft, which was successfully passed in 24 June. On 5 June 2016, with Indokistan was dissolved, Nabil was handed responsibilty to handle the dissolution process, including to observe the states and "indivisible institutions and assets". After the dissolution of Aziziyah in 20 July, Nabil also declared his resignation as Suwarnakarta governor, declared the province extinct, and decided to retire from micronational politics.


After the last Indokistani state dissolved, he also declared the dissolution of Suwarnakarta and his retirement from micronational politics on 20 July 2016. Yet after the end of Indokistan, he decided to continue ot maintain contact with micronational community, especially AIM members. His decision to establish Suwarnakarta Institute before Indokistani dissolution was seem as his attempt to justify his continuing presence inside micronational community despite without any micronational citizenship.

He has no intention to establish a new micronation or to revive Indokistan, as he believe that he is the only one from Indokistani former citizens to remain committed to micronationalism, and his belief that a micronation should not be run by only one man.

Political views

Proclamation text written by him

A social democrat, he supports a deeper implementation of socialism in Indokistan, once proposing an establishment of socialist "peoples republic". He also supporting direct democracy and political activities without existence of any political party by contributing in the establishment of current, nonpartisan, deliberative assembly of Indokistan, the national forum. In economical fields, he argue that the private sector must be strictly regulated, and the government should hold entire means of production.

He is known to be a supporter of various micronational unification attempts, known with his aggresive approach to merge other micronations inside Indonesian sector to Indokistan. Establishment of Indonovia and formation of Federal Republic of Indokistan is an example of merge of Indokistan and another micronations, showing his support to unification attempts.

A supporter of "Indonesian irredentism", he views that LIR Union, formed in 2012, was a form of irredentism as first step to become a political union, and on the final state, a total merge between each members. Madyaraksa Committee formed in August 2014 was the closest part before the main goal of Indonesian irredentism, with he personally led Indokistani delegates to the committee. The failure of Madyaraksa dissappoint him, yet he never quits his ambition on irredentism.


Awarded by Max Kasbar
Awarded by Danny Zhang
Awarded by Indokistan government
Political offices
Preceded by
Office Created
Prime Minister of Indokistan
20 September 2010 - 15 February 2012
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Dicky L. K.
President of Indokistan
15 February 2012 - 22 August 2012
Succeeded by
National Salvation Council
As triumvirate
Preceded by
Jendri Mamahit
President of Indokistan
December 2012 - 5 July 2013
Succeeded by
Tian Abdurrahman
Preceded by
Tommy Narisworo
Secretary General of AIM
20 September 2019 - present
Succeeded by