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North Atlantic Micronational Organisation
Planned Intermicronational organisation
Namo Flag.png Namo arms.png
Flag Arms
MOTTO: Η πίστη στον Θεό φέρνει καλό

Greek: Faith in god brings good

(Likely to be changed soon)

Headquarters Sarasæữbad, Timonoucite Empire and

NAMO Portal, MicroWiki

Official languages English, Romanian, Excitementorian
Membership None yet
- President Eshaan B. Patel
- Prime Minister None yet
- Supreme Judge None yer
– Proposal 10 August 2020
– Formed Unknown
- Constitution announced Unknown

NAMO is a planned micronational organisation. It was suggested by Eshaan B. Patel on 10 August 2020.


The NAMO Flag was designed by Eshaan B. Patel on the same date of the suggestion. It features a banner with five stars for the nations in the organisation (currently the invited ones), as well as their flags underneath. To the right of the banner is a bunch of waves, which represent the Atlantic Ocean. Underneath the banner and waves, there is a sun, as well as a road through space to reach earth. For decoration, there is a dark red line at the end. The flag is a swallowfish flag.