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Should you wish to become a member nation of NADU, please list your micronation below, along with "Full" or "Observer" (should it not be specified, Full membership will be assumed unless the Council is otherwise made aware) and your Discord contact details. Your application will be voted on in the next Council Meeting; to aid in establishing contact, it is recommended that you join the NADU Discord Server at

To apply, your micronation must have viewed the NADU Treaty, which can be found on the Discord Server, and the person(s) you plan to have as Representative(s) must have a Discord account in contact with the Council. Adding your micronation to this list will be considered an admission that you have read the NADU Treaty and have access to Discord.


Noflag.png Example - example#6969 — Full


United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum - Archie-Souver #8318 - Full