Kingdom of Nana

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Kingdom of Nána

We are one
The day of victory
Capital cityAtlinta
Official language(s)Hungarian,English
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic
Short nameNánai Királyság
- KingI.Attila
LegislatureParlament of Nána
- Type - bicameral

National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January
I.Attila's birthday 20 February
Easter Day Between 22 March and 25 April Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.
International Workers' Day 1 May
National Day 1 May Signature of the Declaration of Independence
Christmas Day 25 December Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.
New Year's Eve 31 December The final day of the Gregorian year; Saint Sylvester's Day.


In the Kingdom of Nana the official languages ​​are Hungarian and English.


The official religion Kingdom of Nána is Roman Catholicism.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Nana is in contact with the following micronation:

  • Rifjadid.pngRifjadid Microrepublic