Municipo of New Somerset

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Municipo of New Somerset
—  Municipo of Damariscotta  —
Nickname(s): Lygonia
Motto: Pog
Picture of a Napoli Sunset
Sovereign state Damariscotta
Cities Holy City of Napoli
Union of Vermont and Hampshire
Established 10 March 2021
 - Skabeno Jamie
 - Vice Skabeno Becca
 - Total 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
 - Water 0.5 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 - Total 18
Time zone DCT

Municipo of New Somerset is a Municipo in the The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta situated in North America. The Municipo was founded on the 10th of March 2021 constituting of the two towns of Napoli and Vermont and Hampshire. New Somertset gets its name from the old name for Maine on some maps in the 17th century, that being New Somersetshire. This being a homage to the county in England named Somerset.

Cities of New Somerset

Flag of Napoli

Holy City of Napoli

Doge: Becca

Population: 12

The city of Napoli is located within the town of Naples in Maine, it is a Italian Monarchist based nation with its culture and government based after the Venetian city state government. The region is lead by a Doge which oversees the city as a whole with the Doge overseeing the royal council. Napoli is scattered throughout the town on the banks of Lake Trickey, Brandy Pond and the Songo Delta. The main meeting area of the city is at the Memorial Maria Birch Meeting Hall on the causeway overlooking Long Lake.

Flag of Vermont and Hampshire

Union of Vermont and Hampshire

Governor: Jason Reach

Population: 6

The city of Vermont and Hampshire is located within the towns of Gilead in New Hampshire and Burlington Vermont, it is a Vermont Republic based nation with its culture and government based around the Vermont Republic. The region is lead by the Governor with the Advisor oversees the House of Freemen. Vermont and Hampshire is located at two locations near Mount Washington and on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Kortumo de New Somerset

The power to hear civil and criminal cases, to resolve them and to carry out judgments locally, belongs exclusively to the Kortumo de New Somerset. To enforce their resolutions, and to practice or have practiced the acts of instruction established by law, the ordinary and special courts of justice that make up the Judiciary, may issue direct orders to the public force or exercise the conductive means of action of which they dispose. To ensure every citizen holds the same rights under a court of law all lower courts hold the same structure. The Kortumo de New Somerset is located in the city of Napoli.

Current Justecos

  • Joe C, Since 10th of March 2021
  • Maeve, Since 10th of March 2021
  • Becca, Since 12th April 2021

Lygonian Armeo

The Lygonian Armeo holds significant power within the municipo as most members of local and regional governments are held by military officials. The Armeo holds seven bases in the region with five units stationed in the municipo with the units overseeing the exploration of the region, help in community service projects and search and rescue operations.

Units Locations Emblem Leadership City
Lygonian Armeo Units of New Somerset
Second Lygonian Corps Camp Truss

Bonnie Field

Vice Commander in Chief

Jamie Birch

Fourth Lygonian Corps Camp Webster Major

Jason R

Vermont and Hampshire
First Mara Brigade Songo Naval Yard

Battery Steele Naval Yard

Vice Commander in Chief

Jamie Birch

Maria's First Company Joint Base Maria
Maria's Second Company FOB Washington Major

Jason R

Vermont and Hampshire