Mundai Civil War

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Mundai Civil War
Date7 April 2011 - present
Status Ongoing
Flag of Mundai.png Socialist Republic of Mundai Gratisian Flag.jpg New Gratisia
Commanders and leaders
Jerolin Aldelric King Johnathan I
71 Unknown

The Mundai Civil War is an internal micronational conflict within the Socialist Republic of Mundai.


The Mundai Civil War was started on April 7, 2011 by a secessionist group from Mundai, calling themselves "New Gratisians." They were attempting to re-establish the old monarchy, only with an absolutist touch. Their leader, King Johnathan I, declared war on Mundai two days earlier, but did not take action until the Battle of Wateree.


Battle of Wateree - April 7 The Battle of Wateree was the first conflict of forces in the war. New Gratisian forces kidnapped a group of Mundai soldiers on lunchbreak in Fluss Province, on the banks of the Wateree River. Mundai boats later met those of New Gratisia in the middle of the river, in a battle lasting for seven hours, until Mundai troops only asked for the prisoners' safe return. In exchange, Mundai lost control of Fluss and Briceland Provinces.

Battle of Backwoods - April 9 The Battle of the Backwoods was a meeting of forces near the Mundai capital territory of Evergreen. Twenty-four New Gratisians approached the capital and the presidential abode. Mundai troops quickly opened fire with rubber bullets. Due to a series of bad circumstances, such as broken weapons and terrible rain and hail, all but five New Gratisians retreated. Finally, those remaining raised the handkerchief and traded sides saying, "We didn't really care for Johnathan anyway."