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Flag of Mundai.png

The Empire of Mundai was created on March 24, 2011. It was created as a political reform of the Absolutist Republic of Gratisia. The Empire turned into a Democratic Socialist Republic on April 1.

Districts and Territories

Carolina District:

  • Azuland
  • Briceland
  • Evergreen
  • Pics Soeur
  • Fluss Province

Northland District:

  • Eutimio de Soto Is.
  • Mundai Canada

Grand Dakota District:

  • Oahe
  • Plaines Froides

Antarctic District:

  • Freiantaca

Gigangi District:

  • El Monte Bajo


Mundai Government is made up of a President and a Senate.

President The role of the President in the government is to propose new laws, engage in foreign relations, and to take charge of conflicts. He mostly talks with the Senate of the nation.

Senate The senate of Mundai is made up of a senator from each district. They vote upon matters of law and government. Senators are chosen based upon their popularity with the people, and their intelligence.


The currency used in Mundai is the Mundai Stamp.

The stamps are small, aluminum coins that are used frequently.

1ST=1 Stamp=.20USD

There are also paper notes for large amounts of stamps.


Mundai are diverse and good people.They commonly are funny and normally are cool.

Holidays They celebrate a few holidays

1/1- New Year's Day

3/24-Imperium-celebrates empirical founding

4/29- Jerolin Day-The Emperor's Birthday

6/21-Summer Solstice Festival

10/24-Gratisian Day-Celebrates original micronation of Mundai


11/11-Armistice Day-Celebrates cease-fires and Veterans

12/21-Winter Solstice Festival


Other holidays may be celebrated for personal or religious reasons.

National Anthem: Spirit Never Dies-Masterplan

Capital & Oldest City: Kongenkammer

National Language(s): English (official), French (Unofficial)

National Currency: Stamp (ST)

National Tree: Sweetgum

National Bird: Cooper's Hawk

National Mammal: Labrador Retriever

National Reptile: Greek Tortoise

International Relations

Friends of the State

  • Kingdom of Espen
  • Moderatist Republic of Liberticia

Enemies of the State

  • Ku Klux Klan - Due to being a White Supremacist, Racist, Belligerent, and Far-Right organization full of hate
  • British National Party - Due to being a Far-Right, Violent, Somewhat Racist, and possibly Neo-Nazi political party

Relations can be achieved by asking us on our talk page.


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