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Multi-Citizenship is defined as having two or more micronational citizenships at once.


The majority of micronations today permit having more than one micronational citizenship, allowing them to share citizens and making each micronation bigger than it would have been otherwise. Some include caveats that such citizens cannot hold high government positions, and almost all prevent multi-citizenship citizens from being part of an intelligence agency. Several scandals and events have cast dual citizenship in a poor light, such as Thoenen's participation in Babkhan intelligence and debates over Bagelcratian influence in Lavalon.

Attitudes in micronations

Among the few micronations that bar multi-citizenship are the Dinarchy of Antica and Ascalon. Shireroth has long since allowed its population a maximum of two other citizenships with its Tri Citizenship law, but very few of its citizens take advantage of it. This law was recently proposed to be amended to abolish this, but it was defeated. Wegmat used to ban multi-citizenship besides holding citizenship in a Macronatioan in an high position to keep its nation's identity.

The United Sovereign Independent Democratic Empire of Satirocity banned dual citizenship for more than 6 months of existence, but now allows it.

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