Motto of Gapla

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The Motto of Gapla, officially the Most Noble and Honourable Grand Revolutionary Motto of our Nation, the Federated States of Gapla, is the official government, executive, and state motto of the Federated States of Gapla.

General information

The motto is Erit Ergo Justitia (in Latin), translating roughly to "Justice Will be Served" - but the original government-sponsored interpretation of the motto is "May Justice be Served." The motto describes a want for justice in the FSG, one of the founding reasons of the micronation.

Proposed change and secondary motto

However, there has been a proposed change of the motto to Justice, Liberty, Peace, and Progress (without a latin form), which, according to the proposers "better describes the Gapla of today and its promise of these four elements."

This argument is supported by the People's Liberal Party, the current largest Gaplan political party, however, strongly opposed by the opposition party, the Free Rightist Party.

Later, Justice, Liberty, Peace, and Progress became Gapla's secondary motto, but it was rarely used outside of official government branding, compared to the primary motto (Erit Ergo Justitia) being used to express satisfaction, joy, and pride in Gapla by many news sources and individuals.