Most Secretive Alias Empire

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The Empire of Bronickia and the lands of the Bronickian Crown

Official Flag.jpg

Aurum Potestas Est
Capital cityOgiville
Official language(s)Bronickian English, Hebrew
Official religion(s)None (Judaism is most common)
Short nameBronickia
DemonymBronickian, Imperial Bronickian
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
LegislatureCouncil of Advisors
- Type - Bicameral
EstablishedDecember 26, 2014
CurrencyBronickian Pound
Time zoneBST (UTC -7:58) DBST (UTC +2)
National animalDog

The Bronickian Empire is a small Empire mostly based in the Western areas of the North American continent. The empire was formed when The Bronicki Kingdom and its protectorates united under the King of Bronickia. The move was largely symbolic as all these territories were under de facto Bronickian control.


The Empire consists of 4 seperate Exclaves. Two of the exclaves, both formerly a part of Los Altos, California, are bordered by both the United States and minor, less respectable nations. A third exclave,formerly a part of Nevada, is completely surrounded by the United States. The fourth exclave is a 2-bedroom flat in the city of Hod HaSharon. This flat was annexed from Israel by the Empire on formation, with the Prince-Headknight hailing from there. The empire plans to annex much of Northern California as well as Nevada's Washoe Country



The Emperor is a hoghly secretive man whovdoes not advertise himself.


The office of the Prince-Headknight is bestowed upon the ruler of the Israelia Province. He is officially responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the Empire yet wields little power outside his province.

Other Monarchs

Grand duke Gustav I of the duchy of Gustavia and Princess Pitzi I of the Principality of Backyardia both retain their titles. They lack any real power at all as they are animals.


The Empire considers other countries, particularly the United States, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, to be inferior. As such, its diplomatic relations are extremely cold. It openly declared war on the United States, Syria, and North Korea. It is not openly at war with any of these, but nonetheless despises them.