Mors Prime (Planet)

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Planet of Mors Prime

Map Version 0.1.2 (current as of 8 April 2019)
Population: 4.2 Billion (estimated)

Empire of Ardelia (example of a nation located on the planet)

Size (Kilometers) 513.5 million km²
Number of Nations (Recognized) Four

Mors Prime, is a fictional planet created by micronationalists Charles Ross and James Ellis. The world was created as an attempt to make an interactive geofictionional roleplay/conworlding "group". The planet is roughly the size and makeup of Earth.

The planet is made up of eight continents: Subarctica, Newarctica, Islandia, Blackland, Desertyland, Pyrus, Asphaltyaer and Archia.


The planet was founded 27 March 2019 with the creation of the Empire of Ardelia, followed shortly afterwards by the Vossk Empire.

The original idea for the project dates back to early 2018 when (after seeing how crowded simulationist planets like Micras had become) Charles Ross decided that there needed to be a new world dedicated to geofiction, and one that was particularly easy for new micronationalists to join.


Nations that want to make claim on Mors Prime may easily do so by either emailing Mr. Charles Ross or by contacting Mor's primary governing body, the LSN.

Current Nations

National Flag Nation Population
Empire of Ardelia 42.3 Million
Vossk Empire 55 Million
Republic of Potomia 47.4 Million