Monarchy of the Royal Kingdom

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King of the Royal Kingdom
King Ethan I
since January 1, 2019

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Prince Christian
First monarch King Ethan I
Formation January 1, 2019
Residence The Royal Palace

The King of the Royal Kingdom, referred to as simply the King, is the constitutional head of state of the Royal Kingdom. Since emerging from the former Kingdom of The Mountains, Forest, and Rocks, the King has remained the political institution that represents the micronation as a whole. As King of the Royal Kingdom, the holder has the highest executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

From June 17, 2018 to December 31, 2018, the titles of the King were the King of the Mountains, Forest, and Rocks until the title change at midnight January 1, 2019.

Constitutional Powers

The powers of the King are virtually unlimited. The King is the head of state and government and is the symbol of union.


The Royal Kingdom follows male-preference primogeniture which allows females to inherit the throne, but only if there are no living males that are ahead of her in the succession.

The heir apparent of the crown can be granted the title "Crown Prince/Princess" by the sovereign and they are expected to inherit the throne upon the passing of the sovereign.

Full Title

The full title of the King of the Royal Kingdom is: His Majesty, by the Grace of the Gods, the King of the Royal Kingdom of Kal'zar, Duke of the Palace, and Defender of the Innocent. It should be noted that many more titles are being added as time goes on and this is subject to change, and are not affected by the succession laws of the Kingdom.

List of Monarchs

House Jones

Name Portrait Born Marriages Death Relationship with Predicessor
Ethan I
January 5, 2001 None -
Now 19 years old
Founder of the Kingdom