Monarchy of Vlasynia

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Despot and Autocrat of Vlasynia
Despot şi Autocrat al Vlasiniei
Despot şi Autokrat al Vlasiniei
Denis I Royal Standard.png
Royal Standard of Denis I
Despot Denis I Official Portrait.jpg
Denis I of Vlasynia

Style His Great Majesty
Heir apparent HM Crown Prince Radu
First monarch Denis I of Vlasynia
Formation 21 December 2017

The Monarchy of the Despotate of Vlasynia, commonly referred to as the Vlasynian Monarchy, is the absolute monarchy of the Despotate of Vlasynia and its dependencies. The current monarch and head of state is Denis I, who established the monarchy after proclaiming himself as Despot of Vlasynia on 21 December 2017 and declaring the Despotate's independence from [w:Romania|Romania]. On 24 October 2018 the title was changed to Despot and Autocrat of Vlasynia, on the model of the no Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, in order to further underline the authority of the Despot within the state.

It was abolished on 21 July 2018, with the proclamation of the United Republic of Vlasynia-Dartiria, of which Denis became President, only to be restored on 23 August 2018, as a result of Vlasynia-Dartiria's dissolution and Vlasynia's restoration as an independent state.