Monarchy of St. Castle

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King of St. Castle
Coat of arms of St. Castle.png
Coat of arms of St. Castle
Coat of arms of St. Castle.png
since 21 March 2017

Style Her Majesty
First monarch Artemis
Formation 30 June 2016

The Monarchy of St. Castle is the institution that compromises the Monarch of the Kingdom of St. Castle and the entire Royal Family. The constitutional title that the monarchs holds - King for males and Queen for females. The current monarch of St. Castle is Artemis since 21 March 2017.

St. Castle was established as a federal state of Abelden on 30 June 2016 and was created by Queen Artemis for that reason specifically. It is also among the five monarchies in the empire that holds a kingdom status. On the 11th of June 2017, Dallin Langford announced to the micronational community that she was transgender and was given a name change to Artemis Langford as reflection of this revelation. The Kingdom changed into a Queendom and from King to Queen.

Powers and duties

The monarch has:

  • The power to appoint government officials
  • The power to vest/appoint titles of nobility
  • The power to hold the title His Majesty
  • The power to declare general elections
  • The power to veto government decisions
  • The power to enact decrees

The monarch has more duties than this; listed here are important powers and duties of a monarch. As a federal monarch, the Monarch has also restrictions on legislating laws or enacting decrees that contradicts federal laws or decrees enacted by the Emperor.

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Image
Dallin 17 October 30 June 2016 2 August 2016 33 days King
Coat of arms of St. Castle.png
Emiel 26 September 2001 2 August 2016 21 March 2017 231 days Appointed succession
Artemis 17 October 21 March 2017 1764 days Appointed succession Langford
Coat of arms of St. Castle.png


The Monarch is addressed as His Majesty and is referred usually as The King. Below is the full title of the Monarchs since 2016:

Her Majesty
Queen of St. Castle,