Monarchy of Salazar

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Prince and Grand Master of The Sovereign Military Order of Salazar
Royal Arms Salazar
Carlos I of Salazar

Style His Venerable Highness // Majesty
Heir apparent monarchy abolished
First monarch Carlos I
Formation 2008
The monarch was the Chief of State of the Sovereign Military Order of Salazar . Salazar, was a constitutional monarcy with a representative democracy based on a parliamentary system had a largely ceremonial monarch, though officially he or she held the highest public office in Salazar and the highest military rank. The Salazarian Monarchy was elective. The monarch had to be an Orthodox Christian.

The first and last monarch of Salazar was Prince and Grand Master Carlos I. The monarchy was abolished the 20th of April 2010 when the SMOS was reorganized into the Glorious Republic of Salazar.