Monarchy of Indradhanush

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King of Indradhanush
Monroe I
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
Heir presumptivenone
First monarchChandrachur Basu
Formation13 February 2021

The monarchy of Indradhanush, commonly referred to as the Indradhanushian monarchy, is the absolute monarchy of the Kingdom of Indradhanush and its territories.

The monarch undertakes various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. Despite being an absolute monarchy, Indradhanush still has a constitution and was heavily templated from the Constitution of New Eiffel.

Powers of the King of Indradhanush

According to Indradhanush law, the Monarch has sole prerogative over the following:

  • The power to issue Royal Decrees
  • The power to approve the Prime Minister.
  • The power to veto Acts of Parliament by not giving Imperial Consent.
  • The power to appoint Representatives to the Cabinet (on the advice of the Prime Minister).
  • The power to give orders to people.
  • The power to be the Speaker of the Parliament of Indradhanush and propose bills.
  • The power to serve as Judge of the Supreme Court.
  • The position of commander-in-chief of the Indradhanushian Armed Forces.

Full Style of the King of Indradhanush

The full style of the King of Indradhanush:-

His Majesty, Chandrachur Basu, of the House of Basu, the King of Indradhanush, Duke of Chandril City, Protector of the Indradhanushian Constitution and its Rights, Defender of All Faiths', Sovereign of the Indradhanushian Territories of Wisea, Chandril City, Hibernia, Sovereign of the Privy Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Indradhanushian Armed Forces, Sovereign of the Order of Chandrachur I, Order of Napoleon, Order of Naridurga, Order of Dhamma, Order of Chandril City, Order of Hibernia, Order of Wisea, Founder and Lifelong Protector of Indradhanush.

List of Kings of Indradhanush

# Photo Name Term of office Days Royal Monogram Head of Government
1 HM Chandrachur Basu I 13 February 2021 24 February 2021 11 days

Chandrachur Basu

(13 February 2021- 13 March 2021)

The first King. He is considered the founder of Indradhanush and the creator of the Flag of Indradhanush. He resigned due to failing to admit Indradhanush into the Grand Unified Micronational.
2 [a] HM Aircraft 24 February 2021 26 February 2021 2 days
The 2nd King of Indradhanush. He was crowned after the abdication of HM Chandrachur I. The major work done by him in this short period is announcing that Indradhanush is no longer centered in one specific region, it is now a country with a global presence.
(1) HM Chandrachur Basu I


27 February 2021 24 September 2021 208 days

Chandrachur Basu

(13 February 2021- 13 March 2021)

File:Zed in August 2020, upscaled.jpg

Zabëlle Skye

(13 March 2021 - 30 July 2021)

Nafiz Morshalin

(30 July 2021- 3 August 2021)

Nabin Mutakin

(3 August 2021- 11 September 2021)


(11 September 2021- present day)

The 3rd and the current King. Some say his accession to power was considered a coup d'etat. This coup d'etat was widely accepted by the people of Indradhanush. In this period, Indradhanush saw the most internal development in its history. Indradhanush expanded its diplomatic sphere of influence thanks to him.
3 HIM Rory I

24 September 2021 25 September 2021 1 day


(11 September 2021- present day)

He is the ruler known for issuing 5 decrees in 24 hours
(1) HM Chandrachur I


25 September 2021 present day


Rory LeonardRory Leonard



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