Monarchial Micronation of Libondor

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The Monarchial Micronation of Libondor

Pro tutela populi, regionem et monarchis.
Prv30U98 Commodore Perry Statue.jpg
Perrysburg, OH, United States
Capital cityPerrysburg
Largest cityPerrysburg
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)All are welcome
Short nameLibondor
GovernmentBenevolent Absolute Monarchy
- KingDaniel Mills
EstablishedSeptember 20, 2018
Area claimed4km²
Time zoneEST
National animalDuck

The Monarchial Micronation of Libondor is a micronation that was founded on September 20, 2018. It has claimed Perrysburg High School and King Daniel's home, the Head of the NBLI, Katryna's, House, the statue of Commodore Perry, the Commodore Field, Perrysburg Junior High School and the homes of the citizens and will try to expand further. It is led by its leader, King Daniel who is not elected. He delegates some power to his officers who do a large amount of work for him. Otherwise, he holds absolute power. Despite the nation attempting to secede from the U.S.A, he means no harm to the nation. He made this nation for those who wish to be in a nation where whatever you say can't be deemed as you taking a side.


Founding Day

Upon September 20, 2018, The Monarchial Micronation of Libondor, was officially founded.



The Flag of Libondor holds many meanings. The red and blue triangles on the sides represent the Democrats and the Republicans of the U.S. and how they conflict. The yellow in the center represents how Libondor intends to be a haven for those who wish to avoid the fighting. The Eagle represents both freedom and power, as it has throughout history. The Green represents their respect of nature, despite capitalist values, and the Blue Border represents how the nation shall feel until its recognition, isolated, as if at sea.

Coat of Arms

The Green represents the people, while the purple represents royalty. The Eagle, as on the flag, represents both freedom and Power.


Angel-vintage-woman-illustration-looking-down credit-Shutterstock.jpg The name is based off of a fictional race Daniel created called the Libone. They were a race with powers like that of the Angels of the Bible.

Government and politics

The Monarchy

Being an Absolute Monarchy, Libondor is completely ruled by the monarch, King Daniel. He will appoint officers, because he can be really lazy sometimes. For citizens, the monarch will attempt to be benevolent to his citizens and not be power hungry.

The Offices

These Offices will handle operations given to them by the Monarch.


The Grand Libondorian Court's job is to exercise their rights as judges as listed in Article 3 of the Libondorian Constitution. Currently, there is no leading officer.


This Office is known as the NBIL (the National Bureau of Libondorian Intelligence). It is led by Katryna and its job is to collect intel both foreign and domestic.


The LHA (the Libondorian Health Organization) is the office of health and handles public hospitals and the medical sector of Law Enforcement. Currently, there is no officer in charge.


The LNPD (Libondorian National Police Department) is the head of the detective and police force within Law Enforcement. Currently, there is no leading officer.


The Libondorian Trade Organization regulates International Trade in the country. Currently, there is no leading officer.


The Libondorian Property and Taxation Organization regulates taxes and property within the country. Currently, there is no leading officer.


LAF (the Libondorian Armed Forces) is made to defend the country from foreign invaders and attack those who wish to invade. Currently, there is no leading officer.

Political Stance

The King is a right-winger, but he is willing to compromise with those with different political stances.


A Copy of the constitution can be found here


The plan for the country is to have it be a heavily capitalist system while still remaining under an all-powerful Monarchy.



If you know the Monarch in real life, you may request him to grant you citizen status, should he determine you are worthy.


The online process is for citizens who will act as Ambassadors to their original home nation, often attempting to get de jure recognition from them. You can message King Daniel (The Pixel Hero) through the Microwiki discord for more details.