Monarch of New America

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King of The United Kingdom of America
Coat of Arms of The King
Reginald Smith.png
Reginald Smith

Style His Majesty
First monarch Reginald III
Formation 4 July 2017

The Monarch of New America is the Head of State of New America. Currently the only Monarch of New America is King Reginald III.

The title of Monarch of New America was created on July 4, 2017. According to the Unification Agreement, The Monarch of New America is mostly ceremonial but has some control over the Kingdom. It was abolished on August 23, 2017 when New America and her allies united to form Austrovia. It was revived on April 24, by Reginald.


The Monarchy of New America was established on July 4, 2017 after the signing of the Unification Agreement. The Agreement stated that the Monarch would be the head of state of New America. The current monarch is Reginald Smith. He has been criticized by Zerch Lowe(which was a nickname for Zach Peller) (MP for Aspen) because of "ineffective leadership". During the 1st 2017 National Election, Lowe promised to "kick out" Smith and replace him as monarch, but Lowe lost the election. Afterwards, New America united with its allies to form Austrovia.

On April 24, 2018, Reginald revived New America, along with Josef Hernandez, and declared himself King.


Although the role of the monarch is mostly ceremonial, he/she still has power. The monarch can legally: Disband Parliament, Create Alliances without permission, Call for New Elections, approve laws that the PM can legalize, and control the nobility.