Mojocoyo Province

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Province of The Republic of Uniland
British Isles
CapitalHillview City
Founded15 May 2018
GovernmentMojocoyo Community Counsel
GovernorAnn Johnson

Mojocoyo is the largest province of The Republic of Uniland located in the region of North Uniland. It is home to most of the Republics capital and harbours the main seat of government of the nation.


Mojocoyo is a mostly flat plane of land with a small wooded area because of the fertile ground and the flat area Mojocoyo is an ideal place to grow food and crops. The Province is also home to a diverse number of animals inducing Hedgehogs, Honey bees, Bumble bees, Common Wasps, Black garden ants, Dragon flies, Hover flies, Ladybird beetles, Stag beetles, Eurasian Blue Tits, Common Buzzards, Robins, Barn owls and Great Tits. All of which are protected by the government.


Mojocoyo is a wet and mild province with an average temperature of 14-15 degrees Celsius. The winter temperatures can reach as low as -17 degrees Celsius while the summer temperatures can rise to 23 degrees Celsius.