Modern Island of Dolmenia

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  • This island (state) is an attraction island, not fantasy, and not a micronation.
The Modern Island of Dolmenia
Het Moderne Eiland van Dolmanië (NL)


Coat of arms
Motto: World people unite (EN) Werledmensen te verenigen (NL)
Anthem: Volkesmarch

Middle West Islands (Atlantic Ocean).
Official languagesDutch (Dolmenian Accent)
GovernmentIsland Democracy Capitalism
• Creator/Designer
Guy van Volen (YouTuber/Animator)
• People Security Master
Dolmenian Army/Government
• Island and Rules Master
Boss of Dolmenian Government
CurrencyUS Dollar $
Time zoneCET - 5

Dolmenia, officially The Modern Island of Dolmenia is an attraction island for events and more attractions. and the capital is Stonefield. It has a plenty of palm trees, and modern towns and villages on a dessert climate.


The Fashion

In Dolmenia they have always a fashion that never changed. The girls wears a Rock/Game t-shirts with Low-Rise Jeans, And actually they are not ashamed for part of her butt crack. The boys wears a Rock/Game too with Skate t-shirts, and shorts and jeans too.

How are the people in Dolmenia

Proud of his country, Drives a big car, Are always super relaxed, Are always friendly, Is quick to make happy, Are spontaneous on Events like (concert, sport, moments) and also exaggerated. The small kids always have an adult behavior, and they learn much quicker to talk better after their birth.


In Dolmenia they speak Dutch, on the North-American (Dolmenian) accent. Some words are really different between the Dutch of The Netherlands and the Dutch of Dolmenia. Just like the word chicken, the Dutch says "kip" and the Dolmenians says "kobasken". and the word roundabout, the Dutch says "Rotonde" and the Dolmenians says "Rondstip". and also they use English as second language and they learn it from the First grade of the Elementary school.


New Years Day (January, 1)
Easter Day Sunday (April, 16)
Easter Day Monday (April, 17)
Pentecost (June, 4)
National Skate Day (June, 21)
Dolmenian Day (Aug, 22)
Halloween (October, 31)
Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)
Christmas Day (December, 25)
Boxing Day (December, 26)



The two largest towns of Dolmenia are:
1. Stonefield
2. Kenshoven
The otther small towns: Darring City, Antonio City.


In Dolmenia we have this rules that keep the island safe.

From 16 years you may driving car. and from 18 years you're an adult.

Where you have to look out for are this kind of penalties

Jail: Sell drugs (1,5 month), Drunk with brawl (2 weeks)
Death Penalty: Crime (Robbery, rape, murder, burglary, rape), Pedophile: (sexual assault, child pornography) and Committing terrorist attack.