Misberian Relations

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Grand Duchy of Misberia
Grahnd Duchie of ßrian
ᚷᚱᚨᚺᚾᛞ ᛞᚢᚲᚺᛁᛖ ᛟᚠ ßᚱᛁᚨᚾ
Misberia Flag.png
DoM 2020 COA.png
National Arms
Motto: Life is but a sapling
Anthem: A Trip to The Grand Banks
Largest citySongo
Official languagesEnglish, Norwegian, Arabic, French, Misberian
• Grand Duke
Archie Birch
• Witapal
Thomas Bainbridge
• Advisor
Maria Birch
National Witapal Advisory Council
Independence from United States
• Misberian Independence
April 15th 2015
• Reformed
November 23rd 2018
• Union Established
July 6th 2019
• Union Dissolved
March 5th 2020
• 2020 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyNES Confier
Time zoneUTC-4:00
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (Songolese Calendar)
Drives on theright
Patron saintUndeclared

The foreign relations of the Grand Duchy is somewhat limited due to the nation just unifying recently. The nation is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational as the successor state of the Grand Duchy of Misberia. The main delegate, Archie Birch is currently the Statistics Secretary has been very vocal on encouraging and allowing more leeway for the Asian Pacific nations to attend more organizational Quorums. The Secondary Delegate is Anthony Birch, Currently Misberia is working with many of its allies, most notably with the Reino de Atlia on a cultural exchange program and with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall on working on many treaties and most notably a new organization called the Vespucci Zone. The nation recognizes 27 nations and has treaties with all of them and is a member of seven organizations and is a founder of the, New England Sector with Leónsle.

Misberian Diplomatic Policies

Recognition Policy

  1. Must be over a year old.
  2. Must have serious claims and must be able to visit at least 75% of the claimed territory.
  3. Must recognize and understand and respect the culture of Misberia and vice versa.
  4. Must have a population of over five.
  5. Must recognize the Wrythe and Edgbaston Conventions.
  6. Must have legislation in place for the protection of the environment or recognize the importance of nature in our survival as a species.
  7. Must not have taken place in “Micronational War” in over six months.
  8. Must be drama free.
  9. Must recognize all human rights as described by the United Nations.
  10. Nations which do not follow the above terms or the following terms are ineligible for recognition with the Grand Duchy of Misberia.
  11. A joke nation, which is purley satirical and or a mocking to the Micronational Idea.
  12. Honorary recognition is prohibited, those who seek relations must meet all of the terms stated above.

Policy of Micronational Affairs

  1. Misberia can not get involved in drama in the community, those who are acting in their official roles for Misberia who are caught partaking in such drama will be asked to step down for their duties as a diplomatic official.
  2. Misberia does not recognize the idea of a “Micronational Community” for the pure reason that the community is splintered on many platforms and there is no singular community where all nations are accepted or a part of.
  1. Misberia shall not get involved in internal affairs with another nation, however the government can offer help to recognized or friendly nations as well as issue statements in regards to concerns which may affect Misberia.
  2. Misberia, being a member of the Holy Roman Empire and the North Sea Empire, recognizes the claim to the Roman continuation as well as the North Sea Empire continuation. Nations which claim either or the title of Emperor, can be recognized by Misberia but will not have the Emperor of the claim to those titles and will refer to them at their next highest title.
  3. Misberia claims the right to the continuation of the third principal nation of the Wabanaki Confederacy, that being the Passamaquoddy Tribe.
  4. Misberia does not recognize the idea of “Discord Diplomacy” in which a representative of a nation must be a part of the other party’s server. Contact via direct message, public message or email shall suffice for proper contact and diplomatic procedures.

Rights of Diplomacy

  1. Misberia holds the right to cut contact and cooperation with any nation at any time, those breaching the recognition policy can be removed. However exceptions can be made and Misberia holds that right to do so.
  2. Misberia holds the right to provide land and space for a recognized nation to set up a diplomatic mission in Misberia, rights and duties of such will be discussed and layed out in future legislation.

Fun Facts

  • The Misberian twitter page for a few days was followed by the Israeli ambassador to Cyprus
  • The Misberian twitter page is currently followed by a Israeli Delegate to Armenia
  • Misberia's oldest continuous allies has been Pametchia and Somcow spanning all the way back to November 20th 2018.

Recognized as Micronational Entities

Informal Name Macronation Begin Date of Relations Status of Relations
Reino de Atlia Mexico March 14th 2020 Formal
Anationian Empire United Kingdom March 31st 2020 Formal
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall United States March 31st 2020 Formal
Karno-Ruthenian Empire Brazil March 31st 2020 Formal
Newcaria Ireland March 31st 2020 Formal
Despotate of Vlasynia Romania March 31st 2020 Formal
Union of Millania and New Granada Hkflag.png Hong Kong March 31st 2020 Formal
Ederlaand New Zealand March 31st 2020 Formal
The United Principalities of Lochaber and Glencoe United Kingdom April 7th 2020 Formal
Republic of Molossia United States April 7th 2020 Formal
Triumvirate of Sonderan Australia April 7th 2020 Formal
Commonwealth of Essexia United Kingdom April 7th 2020 Formal
Kingdom of North Barchant Russia April 7th 2020 Informal
Kingdom of Atovia United States April 7th 2020 Informal
State of Zenrax United Kingdom April 7th 2020 Informal
Empire of Austenasia United Kingdom April 7th 2020 Informal
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis GAMA vlag.jpg Antarctica April 7th 2020 Informal
Leonsle United States April 16th 2020 Formal
Republic of Gaia United States April 19th 2020 Formal
Gymnasium State Czech Republic April 19th 2020 Formal
Commonwealth of Uskor Australia April 19th 2020 Informal
Stalamandorf Liechtenstein May 2nd 2020 Formal
Empire of Adammia United Kingdom May 2nd 2020 Formal
Republic of Ashukovo United States May 2nd 2020 Formal
Empire of Iustus Canada May 2nd 2020 Formal
Kingdom of Lytera United Kingdom May 2nd 2020 Formal
Pametchia United States May 10th 2020 Informal
Serene Beaconite Republic United Kingdom May 14th 2020 Formal
Tsardom of Roskya United States May 14th 2020 Informal
Grand Kingdom of Matachewan Canada May 14th 2020 Formal
Crimsion United States May 15th 2020 Formal
Principality of New Eiffel United Kingdom May 24th 2020 Formal|
Republic of Yu-Xia United States May 24th 2020 Formal
Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic Canada May 24th 2020 Formal

Organizations and Sectors

Informal Name Date of Admission Status of Nation
Grand Unified Micronational August 16th 2019 Member
Holy Roman Empire Spring 2020 Prince Elector
New England Sector Spring 2020 Member
Union Cycliste Intermicronationale Spring 2020 Member
Micronational Olympic Federation Spring 2020 Member
Great Lakes Union Spring 2020 Member