Misberian Polaris Program

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Misberian Polaris Program
Misberian Polaris Program.png
Motto Ad Polaris et Vltra
Establishment 24 January 2021
Jurisdiction The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Chief Advisor Jamie Birch
Headquarters Municipo of New Somerset
Next Planned Launch TBA
Flights 0
Current Program(s)
  • 'poqanomon Mars
  • Paqahson
  • Sqotes
Employees 2

The Misberian Polaris Program (MPP) is the The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta's dedicated Space Program. It's Chief Advisor is Archie Birch leading the 'poqanomon Mars program. The current Vice Advisor is Jamie Birch leading the Sqotes program.


In the early 2019, NASA announced its Send Your Name to Space program for the Perseverance Rover, Misberia then the Kingdom of Misberia registered its name to the program. Soon after the idea of a Misberian Space Agency was proposed but was rejected due to a lack of funding or interest. In January 2021, Misberia checked in on its Send Your Name to Space ticket and and was amazed to see the rocket took off in July of 2020, with this knowledge and the expected landing date of the 18th of February 2021, the nation was excited to prepare for the landing as well as learning of another program set for launch in 2026. The Misberian Polaris Program then started playing with the idea for buying rocket kits and launching them which soon got many people interested in the space agency.


Misberian Polaris Program Missions are based on interest of the Misberian public and are based mainly around launching rockets and putting the Misberian name or imagery into space through macronational programs.

Zimbabwe Mission Pass
Liberia Mission Pass

'poqanomon Mars:

This program is based on applying Misberia's name and imagery to programs headed for the Martian planet. Missions are named after African nations which do currently hold space agencies of their own.


This program is based on testing and launching rockets into the atmosphere and as a program to teach younger citizens science and aerodynamics. Missions are named after American presidents prior to World War II.


This program is based on applying Misberia's name and imagery to programs headed for the Moon. Missions are named after the tail end of the periodic table of elements.

Name Patch Program Date Advisor Mission
Misberian Polaris Missions
Zimbabwe ZMMPP Patch.png 'poqanomon Mars 23/5/2019 - 18/2/2021 Archie Birch Go with the Perseverance Rover
Liberia TBA 'poqanomon Mars 24/1/2021 - ??/?/2026 Archie Birch Unannounced
FDR One TBA Sqotes 24/1/2021 - TBA Jamie Birch Unannounced
Moscovium TBA Paqahson 24/1/2021 - TBA Archie Birch Go on the Mr.Beast Luna Drive