Misberian Laws

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Grand Duchy of Misberia
Grahnd Duchie of ßrian
ᚷᚱᚨᚺᚾᛞ ᛞᚢᚲᚺᛁᛖ ᛟᚠ ßᚱᛁᚨᚾ
Misberia Flag.png
DoM 2020 COA.png
National Arms
Motto: Life is but a sapling
Anthem: A Trip to The Grand Banks
Largest citySongo
Official languagesEnglish, Norwegian, Arabic, French, Misberian
• Grand Duke
Archie Birch
• Witapal
Thomas Bainbridge
• Advisor
Maria Birch
National Witapal Advisory Council
Independence from United States
• Misberian Independence
April 15th 2015
• Reformed
November 23rd 2018
• Union Established
July 6th 2019
• Union Dissolved
March 5th 2020
• 2020 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyNES Confier
Time zoneUTC-4:00
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (Songolese Calendar)
Drives on theright
Patron saintUndeclared

Misberian Legislature

The National Witapal Advisory Council of Misberia is the only legislative branch of Misberia. This council is made up of six people with advisers as needed. Currently, the council has five members and one government adviser. These government officials who make up the council are ministers of their own ministries which oversee different parts of the nation. These positions are elected every April. August and January on the fourteenth. The members of the current council do not belong to any political party due to localization and recreation of the Misberian state. Each member of the council is given control over their own ministries but to have anything passed it must be proposed and debated upon before being approved by the council This system stops any official from taking to much power and so that all ideas are vetted. If a proposal is approved it is voted on and if it gains more than two-thirds of the vote, it is approved.

Positions in the Misberian Legislature

Name Role Appointed
Archie Birch Minister of Diplomacy 14 March 2020 - Present
Thomas Bainbridge Minister of Internal Affairs May 29th 2020 - Present
Zanti Minister of Technology May 29th 2020 - Present
Vacant Minister of Culture Vacant
Chloe Minister of The Environment May 29th 2020 - Present
Brandon Mierzwa Minister of Defence May 29th 2020 - Present

Members of Misberian Legislature

Name Term Region Passed Laws
Archie Birch May 26th 2020 - Present Gouvernante of Maine 21
Thomas Bainbridge May 26th 2020 - Present Kingdom of Helluland 27
Luis Marcel May 26th 2020 - Present Balls Pyramid Archipelago 0
Brandon Mierzwa May 26th 2020 - Present Gouvernante of Maine 0
Zanti May 26th 2020 - Present Queendom of Sinsini 7
Chloe "Chloris" May 26th 2020 - Present Gouvernante of Maine 0
Leftist Tea May 26th 2020 - June 10th 2020 State of Avalon Creek 3
Emperor Connor I June 1st 2020 - June 17th 2020 Third Empire of Zuhan 0
Maria Birch June 21st 2020 - Present Gouvernante of Maine 3
Hville Alvstad July 6th 2020 - Present Gouvernante of Maine 0

Passed Misberian Laws

Proposer Motion # Status Name Date Resolution Intent
Thomas Bainbridge 2 Active Ministerial System May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Expand the ministries and formalize a national government.
Zanti 3 Active Minister of Technology Act May 26th 2020 2-2-0 Creation of a Minister of Technology
Thomas Bainbridge 4 Active Confirm First Minister of Technology May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Confirm Zanti as Minister of Technology
Archie Birch 7 Active Confirm Minister of Defense May 26th 2020 1-2-0 Confirm Brandon as Minister of Defense
Thomas Bainbridge 10 Active Decorum For WAC May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Creation of a decorum policy for the WAC
Archie Birch 11 Active Non Religious Influence Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Ban religious influence in the government
Thomas Bainbridge 13 Active Political Party Approval Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 All political parties must be approved by the government
Thomas Bainbridge 15 Defunct June 30th Election Preparation Act May 26th 2020 3-1-0 Begin preparation for an election on the 30th of June 2020
Leftist Tea 16 Active Transitional Council Law Act May 26th 2020 3-2-0 Make all laws passed in the Transitional Council apart of a new Misberian Constitution
Thomas Bainbridge 18 Active Mara Isles Control Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Write in control of the Mara Isles into the constitution
Thomas Bainbridge 19 Defunct General Secretary Act May 26th 2020 2-0-1 Make Archie the General Secretary for life.
Leftist Tea 20 Active Emergency Powers Act May 26th 2020 2-0-1 Allow Archie to have emergency powers which override national laws.
Thomas Bainbridge 21 Active Citizens Politics Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Allow only citizens to be members and leaders of political parties
Thomas Bainbridge 23 Active STV Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Make STV the standard for voting procedures
Thomas Bainbridge 24,26 & 30 Active Political Parties Confirmation May 26th 2020 2-0-1



Confirmed parties, Birchism Party, SDP and MCPoM
Thomas Bainbridge 31 Active National Conservatives Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Ban the National Conservatives Party and any parties like it
Thomas Bainbridge 32 Active Party Limitations Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Parties if rejected must wait 30 days before applying again.
Thomas Bainbridge 33 Defunct Banning Party Member Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Ban "Old Man" for making political parties for 30 days
Archie Birch 34 Active May Citizenship Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Adopt stricter citizenship requirements
Leftist Tea 36 Active Eternal Leader Act May 26th 2020 3-0-1 Make Archie Birch eternal leader of Misberia
Thomas Bainbridge 37 Defunct Premier Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Change the title General Secretary to Premier
Zanti 39 Active IRC Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Make the IRC Channel for Misberia official
Zanti 40 Active Addition to Motion 34 May 26th 2020 2-0-2 Citizens must pass a social media check
Archie Birch 41 Active Addition to Motion 34 May 26th 2020 3-1-0 Go through past citizen applications and reject those under 15, with exceptions made.
Archie Birch 42 Active Transparency Act May 26th 2020 3-0-0 Weekly reports of what the government has done is published.
Archie Birch 44 Active Removal of Recognition Act of May May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Removal of recognition with 13 nations.
Archie Birch 45 Active Retain Recognition Act of May May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Retain recognition of 31 nations
Thomas Bainbridge 46 Active Birchism Restoration Act May 27th 2020 4-0-0 Restore a Birchist Government
Thomas Bainbridge 47 Active Election Age Act May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Must be 16+ to run for elections.
Thomas Bainbridge 48 Defunct NWC Seats Act May 27th 2020 3-0-2 Allow two seats per each region and two nation seats.
Thomas Bainbridge 49 Active Addition to Motion 34 May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Provisional Citizenship for 30 days, during this time they are unable to run in elections.
Thomas Bainbridge 50 Defunct Addition to Motion 34 May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Citizens require approval from a Citizenship Approval Council
Thomas Bainbridge 51 Defunct Close Citizenship Act May 27th 2020 4-0-0 Closed citizenship until further notice.
Thomas Bainbridge 52 Active Constitutional Reform Act May 27th 2020 4-0-0 Review and fix the constitution
Thomas Bainbridge 54 Active Misberian Press Act May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Establish the Misberian Press Association, with membership granted by the KAC.
Thomas Bainbridge 55 Defunct Lennon's Mara Isles Act May 27th 2020 4-1-0 Recognise Lennon's Mara Isles as an illegal session and reassert Misberia possession of the Mara Isles (Ball's Pyramid).
Thomas Bainbridge 56 Active Helluland Act May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Reintergrate North Misberia as the Kingdom of Helluland under Thomas and bring the Carey Islands under as a Principality.
Archie Birch 57 Active GLU Act May 27th 2020 3-0-1 Allow Misberia to join the Great Lakes Union
Thomas Bainbridge 58 Active Misberian Act May 28th 2020 4-0-0 Form the Misberian Language Institute.
Zanti 59 Active Addition to motion 58 May 28th 2020 4-0-0 Preserve old versions of language examples likeOld English and Ancient Greek.
Archie Birch 61 Active National Alert Raising (GFR) May 29th 2020 4-0-0 Raise National Alert to Red over the George Floyd riots turning violent
Zanti 62 Defunct Addition to motion 61 May 29th 2020 4-0-0 Travel ban on Seattle for the upcoming weekend
Zanti 63 Defunct Addition to motion 61 May 29th 2020 3-0-1 Emergency Meeting
Zanti 65 Active Addition to motion 61 May 30th 2020 4-0-0 Create a plan for if US collapses
Archie Birch 66 Defunct CCZM Union Act June 1st 2020 4-0-0 https://docs.google.com/document/d/18XdlIekBEAM_nFNWRozpSdebK9GgfqtAoFc3uSK72QU/edit?usp=sharing
Archie Birch 67 Active Poplar Nerva Act June 1st 2020 4-0-0 Terminate the Poplar Nerva recognition treaty following failed Essexian Coup
Thomas Bainbridge 69 Active Virtual Missions Act June 5th 2020 3-0-1 Rename our Virtual Embassies to Virtual Consulates to fit better with accepted International Law.
Archie Birch 70 Active Nicholas Randouler Memorial Act June 10th 2020 4-0-0 Have the Misberian flag at half mast for two weeks, dedicate June 3rd as a national holiday for the mourning of Nicholas Randouler, I also wish to dedicate two memorials to him, the Misberian Weather Rock to be named the Randouler Weather Rock and the creation of a portable memorial with a VOSS Water bottle with a Posaf flag in it.
Archie Birch 71 Active Machias Seal Island Act June 17th 2020 4-0-0 Claim Machias Seal Island and its small rock, I can visit it often and have visited it many times, make it a state within Misberia proper under the name Machias Seal Island which is sepreate from New Mistak but is within the Machias Metropolitan Area
Thomas Bainbridge 72 Active North Sea Empire (Hrafnarfjall) Act June 18th 2020 2-0-3 Misberia joins the North Sea Empire
Archie Birch 73 Active First Diplomatic Package June 18th 2020 2-0-2 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eLpYNRznk1CQa1ikcKBblW5wUcQkQz_LXz6CZ3PcbPE/edit?usp=sharing
Archie Birch 74 Active Presque Confirmation June 19th 2020 3-0-0 Allow Presque to return to the nation as a city state.
Maria Birch 75 Active Updated Diplomatic Policy Act June 24th 2020 3-0-1 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WJS7dtpmlp2lVLEWkdheIAnME3C3lAxOzq8WPVDme30/edit?usp=sharing
Maria Birch 76 Active Misberian Pride Act June 25th 2020 3-0-1 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-pxgx_lwfbv1IkvwxoUOXL032EvEXIBnRLkMcHBQAcA/edit?usp=sharing
Maria Birch 77 Active Government Relaxation Act June 26th 2020 4-0-0 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PAS0Ckzf89NvszOkma-TXilKeng0obcO1E8bOFQeEAM/edit?usp=sharing
Archie Birch 79 Active Roads and Bridges Act June 30th 2020 3-0-1 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ob1ig__hTWBNv180e7IS8X6T3Usvoj1fnb_HAHsukPE/edit?usp=sharing
Archie Birch 80 Active Aci Capital Act July 6th 2020 3-0-1 Make the Misberian capital a smooth river rock from Western Maine and make it named Aci or "Changing" in Passamaquoddy which represents a capital in motion.
Archie Birch 81 Active Formal Recognition of the Gouvernante of Maine July 7th 2020 3-0-1 Formally recognize that all Maine State claims have merged into one region called the Maine Gouvernante
Archie Birch 82 Active Ambassadorial Program Act July 7th 2020 3-0-1 Creation of Ambassadors, Consuls and Embassies.
Archie Birch 83 Active AMU Confirmation July 7th 2020 3-0-1 Misberia officially applies to the Antarctic Micronational Union