Misberian Diplomacy

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Nation name Third Misberian Kingdom

The Taird ßrian Cengdam (Misberian)

Troisième Royaume Misberien (French)

Misberian Flag
Motto Peace, Prosperity, Unity
Anthem Misberian Leaves
Location US States of ME and NY, Canadian Province of Nova Scotia and the town of Kristanland Norway
Capital city Eastport
Official language(s) English, French and Misberian
Short name Misberia
Demonym Misberian
- King Gilleasbaig Birch
- Prime Minister Jay CLover
Legislature Parliament
- Type  Constitutional Monarchy
- Number of seats 13
Established April 16, 2015
Area claimed 12 Acres
Population 43
Currency Misberian Mark
Time zone AST, CET and GMT
National sport Track
National dish Pancakes
National drink Moxie Soda
National animal Deer
National export Maple Syrup

Foreign Relations

Curious Case

The Misberian twitter page for a few days was followed by the Israeli ambassador to Cyprus

Unilateral Relations

Bilateral Relations


  • New York Alliance: March 2019 (Observer)
  • Alliance of New York Micronations: March 2019 (Observer)
  • Micronations: March 2019 (Surveyor)
  • Micronation-Cord: November 2018 (Member)
  • International Alliance of Nations: March 2019 (Founding Member)
  • Accentra: March 2019 (Member Hopeful)
  • Cupertino Alliance: March 2019 (Founding Member)
  • Union of Stella Primum: March 2019 (Founding Member)
  • Atlantic Alliance: January 2019 (Founding Member)
  • Misberia-Somcow Cordacant: December 2018 (Founding Member)


  • Treaty of Misberia 2019 (Hosted)
  • Treaty of Theranda 2019 (Involved)
  • Conference of the Maritimes 2019 (Hosted)
  • Treaty of Eastbago 2019 (Hosted)


  • Aenderia-Auvenum Summit 2019 (Hosted)

Historic Relations


United Federation of Pacoism




Imperium Germania