Misberian Commonwealth

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Misberian Commonwealth
Purpose/focusMisberian Regions which joined are made Commonwealth States
HeadquartersSongo, Misberia
Official languagesEnglish
Head of the CommonwealthArchie Birch
Commonwealth Secretary-GeneralThomas Bainbridge
Commonwealth Chair-in-OfficeHville Alvstad


The Misberian Commonwealth was an idea founded back in January of 2020 but was put on the back burner as Misberia experienced massive growth then collapse. After the Early Summer Crisis, Misberian internals started being reorganized and regions which have joined Misberia after being apart of or being its own nation have been declared Commonwealth Members. Currently the Commonwealth Government is directly controlled by the Federal Government but as time moves forward a Commonwealth Government will be formed.


Head of The Commonwealth:

The Head of the Commonwealth is the Grand Duke/Duchess of Misberia, currently Grand Duke Archie Birch I is currently the head and the founder of the Commonwealth Program.

Commonwealth Secretary-General:

The Commonwealth Secretary-General is the Crown Prince/Princess or their regent, currently Prince Regent Thomas Bainbridge is the Secretary-General and is the go to for helping the Head with his duties.

Commonwealth Advisory Council (CAC):

The Commonwealth Advisory Council is made up of the Heads of States of each member state and is in charge of creating and maintaining the Commonwealth's status as the pathway for freer and more open communication and cooperation with Misberia and the Micronational Community,


Currently membership is automatic for regions which were nations or apart of other nations which have joined Misberia. The Machias Convention of 2020 which will be made public and agreed upon soon by existing member states will set out criteria and regulations for what each member state is allowed to do. Currently there is eight members of the Misberian Commonwealth.

Current Members:

Name Joined Flag Coat of Arms Head of State Population
Kingdom of Helluland June 18th 2020 Prince Regent Thomas Bainbridge 3
Kingdom of Connorensis June 18th 2020 Sir Anthony Birch 1
Balls Pyramid Archipelago June 18th 2020 Sir Luis Marcel 1
Queendom of Songo June 18th 2020 Crown Princess Maria Birch 2
Queendom of Sinsini June 18th 2020 Dame Zanti 1
Third Zuhan Empire June 18th 2020 Prime Minister ATomson 8
Aenderian Memorial Region June 21st 2020 Grand Duke Archie Birch I 0
Machias Seal Island June 21st 2020 Major Joe F 1

Misberian Family

Commonwealth Games:

Commonwealth Cultural Showcase:


Currently there are no conventions for the Misberian Commonwealth but one is planned to become ratified and public soon.

Name Date Purpose Link
The Machias Convention of 2020 Unnanounced Criteria and rights for member states