Misberian Administrative Divisions

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Core Information of Misberian Administrative Divisions

Name Flag Coat of Arms Size Population Leader Location Foundation
State of New Mistak Untitled722 20191024194320M.png SNMCOA.png One Archie Birch United States March 15th 2020
State of Leenderkappellerbos One Square Mile One A Guy Netherlands May 24th 2020
Queendom of Sinsini Sketch-1589084389974.png Sinsini COA.png One Chloe M United States May 24th 2020
State of Avondale Creek Avondale .jpg One Luke Warren United States May 24th 2020
Principality of Rowe and the Mara Isles Misberian Flag.png One Emperor Connor I Australia and North America May 26th 2020
Principality of Carey Islands One Thomas Bainbridge Greenland March 15th 2020
New Mistak City Artic Flag.png NMCCOA.png One Archie Birch State of New Mistak March 15th 2020
New Kalgrin One Chloe M Queendom of Sinsini May 24th 2020

State of New Mistak:

New Mistak is a town located in Machias, Maine. The town is the capital of the Directive of Misberia. The town currently has one citizen and is open for more within the New England region.The citizen is the leader of the region and the main ambassador to the United States and the general public. The town looks forward to expanding as the ideals of the nation align perfectly with those of the students there, that being Environmentalism and want to learn.

New Mistak City:

Capital of Directive of Misberia

State of Leenderkappellerbos:

The Leenderkappellerbos, a forest of about a square mile, one official entrance, no non-citizen humans there. (No houses in The forest, houses of citizens (which are outside the forest) can be seen as Misberian enclaves in the Netherlands).

Queendom of Sinsini:

State of Avondale Creek:

It is a creek and it’s surrounding territory in North Texas-DFW area.