MisCal 2020 Olympics

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The 2020 MisCal Olympics

Micronational Unity through Games
Hosted on the Official MisCal 2020 Olympics Discord Server
- Head of the MIOCArchie Birch
LegislatureMisberian Intermicronational Olympic Committee
- Type - Micronational Event
Population15 Teams 19 Nations, 31 Athletes
Time zoneHosted in AST

Official Discord


This event has been created for micronations to enjoy the Olympic gold fever in the community. While threat of the real Olympics is real, this olympics will move forward and remain safe for all observers, players and committee members. The event has been created by Archie Birch and soon the Misberian Intermicronational Olympic Committee (MIOC) was founded to help the running of the Olympics and include Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall and Laura Bainbridge of Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall. The event is expected to be the biggest event run by Misberia and is expected to offer the following,

  • Personal message from the Czar at the opening and closing
  • Wide media coverage in many micronations
  • Monetary prize for the top gold medalist nation
  • All donations and proceeds go to the Special Olympics
  • Mind games, Video games and Karaoke
The High Kingdom of Misberia and Caloudonoum
Untitled722 20191024194320M.png

Peace, Prosperity, Unity
Farewell to Nova Scotia
US States of ME, MA, MI, and WA Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, Parts of Essex UK and Penezance Cornwall
Capital cityNaples & Machias
Official language(s)English, French, Dutch, German, Cornish, Tasmal and Misberian
Official religion(s)All accepted
Short nameMisberia, Caloudonoum, Columbusstan, Terrexa, Caermont, Zuhan
- CzarArchie Birch
LegislatureRepresentative Council
- Type - Libertarian Monarchy
EstablishedApril 16th 2015
CurrencyMisberian Krone, Calodan Calodone, Terrexa/Columbish/Zuhanese/Caermontian Dollar
Time zoneGMT, AST, EST, CST and PST
National dishClam Chowder
National drinkMoxie Soda
National animalDeer


Dates, times, starting brackets and merchandise will be announced Mid May 2020 before the games start. Any nation is able to join and will have a chance to until May 10th 2020. The MIOC is due to grow and more opinions and events maybe added before April 1st 2020.


Confirmed Participants
Nation Team Athletes Events
United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum MisCal 3 6
Caermont and Metacomet Caermont 1 Undecided
Columbusstan Columbusstan 1 2
Reino de Atlia Atlia 6 4
Grand Republic of Leo Leo 1 1
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Hrafnarfjall 2 3
Somcowian Federation Somcow 3 6
Archduchy of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1 1
Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth GMC 4 4
Kempland Kempland 1 1
Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic VISSR 1 Undecided
Ethosia-Stienland Joint Team ESJT 3 1
Brienia, Ceyln, Orientia and New Port Checkmate 4 2
Belgica Belgica 2 2
The Republic Republic 3 4
Various Micronational 1 1

Team Members:

  1. Archie Birch (Minecraft, Checkers, Hoi 4, Photoshop Challenge, Karaoke and Reversi)
  2. Prince Birch (Minecraft)
  3. Hville Alvstad (Minecraft and Hoi4)
  1. Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall (Minecraft, Checkers and Maybe Hoi4)
  2. William I of Gradonia (Hoi 4)
  1. Keagan Mesanko (Hoi 4)
  1. Tony S (Minecraft, Hoi 4, Checkers and Reversi)
  2. Komrade (Minecraft, Reversi and Photoshop Challenge)
  3. Chiggy (Minecraft)
  1. Wilson (Photoshop Challenge)
  1. Luis Marcel (Minecraft)
  2. Ximena Guzmán (Minecraft)
  3. Logan (Hoi4)
  4. Jair Román (Minecraft)
  5. Dafne Santamaría (Karaoke
  6. Ximena Hernández (Chess)
  1. Chloe (Hoi4, maybe Minecraft)
  1. Nicholas (Minecraft, Hoi4 and Checkers)
  2. Brandon Mierzwa (Hoi 4 and Chess)
  3. LMAO Developing (Minecraft and Checkers)
  4. Destin (Checkers, Chess and Reversi)
  • Kempland
  1. CJ (Minecraft)
  1. Dustin (Undecided)
  1. Gio (Hio 4)
  2. Trace K (Hoi 4)
  3. Gabe (Hoi 4)
  • Micronational
  1. K Stienbeck (Photoshop Challenge)
  • Checkmate (Brienia, Ceyln, Orienta and New Port)
  1. Ivan (Brienia)(Checkers and Chess)
  2. Ethan (Ceyln)(Checkers)
  3. Pitt Siri (New Port)(Chess)
  4. Pun Watta (Orientia)(Checkers)
  1. Mats (Minecraft and Hoi 4)
  2. Luna (Minecraft and Hoi4)


Sports and Whos Confirmed to Play
Sport Athletes Teams Partaking
Checkers 9 MisCal, Hrafnarfjall, Somcow, GMC and Checkmate
Hearts of Iron Battles 14 MisCal, Hrafnarfjall, Pennsylvania, Somcow, Atlia, Columbusstan, GMC, ESJT and Belgica
Photoshop Battles 4 MisCal, Somcow, Leo and Micronational
Minecraft Mini Games 16 MisCal, Hrafnarfjall, Somcow, Atlia, Columbusstan, Kempland and Belgica
Reversi 5 MisCal, Somcow and GMC
Chess 5 Atlia, GMC and Checkmate
Karaoke 2 MisCal and Atlia

Media, Sponsors and Charity

Media Coverage:

United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum's Misberian Times will be covering the event

Somcowian Federation's Somcow Post will be covering this event

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall's Hraf Times will be covering this event.

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall's Hraf Broadcast Channel is the official broadcaster for this event.

Reino de Atlia's Canal de Transmisión Audio-Visual Atlio will be covering this event in Spanish.

Somcowian Federation's MicroLive will be covering this event via video.

MicroHub Misberia will be the source of the opening and closing speeches and videos from the Czar.


The Imperial Government of United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum will be helping cover costs for the realm and other needed things.

The Somcowian Federation Tourist Department will be helping sponsor this event through advertising.

Hrafnarfjall Times Sponsoring via Advertising

Hrafnarfjall Broadcasting Company Sponsoring via Official Coverage and covering the brackets and score keeping.

Crown of Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall sponsoring via potential prize donation.

Legal Source will be sponsoring via advertising.


The MisCal Games will be raising money for the Special Olympics in the United States. This organization has helped thousands of special needs youth around the United States and has helped the Misberian Royal Family on many occasions by giving family members a chance and way to be active and participate in events. Our goal is to raise 100 dollars during the games.