Ministry of the Exterior (Shireroth)

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The job of the MiniEx is to keep the Kaiser informed on the events of the outside world, to negotiate mutually beneficial relationships with foreign countries, and to formulate policies to deal with foreign crises.

We currently practice the Four-Pronged Foreign Policy, approved in February of last year:

  1. Shireroth will make friends with any peaceful and intelligent nation in order to establish a standing in the international community and promote microworld peace.
  2. Shireroth will cooperate in the sharing of resources and talent for mutual benefit in any areas deemed appropriate, including but not limited to military, intelligence, cultural, and economic matters.
  3. Shireroth will join international organizations only if they can prove an obvious purpose and an obvious plan to attain that purpose. It will only join organizations whose goals coincide with the Imperial Republic's best interests.
  4. (the slightly evil prong) Shireroth will attempt to expand itself through convincing foreign countries to become Imperial territories. It will not use aggressive or malevolent means to achieve this, but rather will attempt to prove to other countries that this is in their best interest.

If you are a representative of a foreign country or organization, you can get in contact with MiniEx by posting in the MiniEx office. We are currently (in fact, most of the time) very open to treaty requests.

If you represent a smaller micronation that needs protection, support, or friendship, consider being annexed by Shireroth. We can provide you with military, technical, or just general help, and you can retain almost all internal freedom. Contact the MiniEx if you're interested.

MiniEx also runs SHINE.

The position of MiniEx is currently held by Oroigawa Koreyasu.

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