Ministry of Transport (Huai Siao)

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Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Transport(Huai Siao).png
Address Flag Huai siao.png
Empire of Huai Siao Mueang District capital
Agency overview
Formed 29 May 2021
Jurisdiction Flag Huai siao.pngEmpire of Huai Siao
Executive Vacancy(Minister)
-(Deputy Minister)
-(Permanent Secretary)
Under agency Department of Highways
Department of Rural Roads
Website Official website

Ministry of Transport(Thai:กระทรวงคมนาคม)It is a central government agency of the Ministry of Huai Siew. Has a duty to take care of the transportation system and transportation services. To be worthwhile and thoroughly Transportation business Traffic planning And the development of transportation infrastructure.


Ministry of Transport Established on 29 May 2021 to have a ministry responsible for transportation.


Give the ministry the authority and responsibility for transportation and transport services, transport business, traffic planning And the development of equitable and inclusive transport infrastructure.

Ministers of Transport

Order image Name Term in offic Party affiliation
Ministry of Transport(Huai Siao).png