Ministry of National Development

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Ministry of National Development
Logo of the ministry
Ministry overview
Formed 21 August 2017
Jurisdiction Empire of Adammia
Employees 2
Minister responsible Lady Peace, Minister of National Development
Child agencies Transport Network Agency
National Communications Agency
National Gallery
Adammic Imperial Space Agency
Adammic Weather Office

The Ministry of National Development is the government department responsible for the development of culture, scientific research, environmental protection and infrastructure in the Empire of Adammia. It was created by the Government Ministries Act 2017 as a merger of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The Ministry of National Development operates the Transport Network Agency, the National Communications Agency, the National Gallery, the Adammic Imperial Space Agency and the Adammic Weather Office as child agencies. It also owns Adammic Online Broadcasting, the Adammic Express and Imperial Mail.


Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister Notes
HIH Prince Jake PM PrinceJake.png 19 August 2017 2 December 2017 Liberal Party HIH Prince Jake
HG Lord Colonel Sir Zak Maguire KM ZakMaguire.jpg 2 December 2017 13 June 2018 Moderate Party Lord Helliker
HG Lady Madam Hermione Peace DM HermionePeace.jpg 13 June 2018 Incumbent Dank Party Lord Helliker

Sir Juliano Saunders

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