Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministręja ęz Skebjeт Djelę
Ministry of internal affairs.png
Ministry overview
Formed28 December 2017
JurisdictionRepublic of Streshia
Pratka Oblast
Minister responsible
  • N/A, Minister of Internal Affairs
Deputy Minister responsible
  • None
Child agencies

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Streshia is responsible for the management of internal government duties in the Republic of Streshia such as schools, hospitals, and emergency services. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was founded on 28 December 2017.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs was formed on 28 December 2017 with the other ministries by Prime Minister Jacob Riker. No minister was immediately appointed. About a month later, the Streshian National Police were formed, then the National Fire Service, and three weeks later, the Border Troops were formed.

Child agencies

Streshian National Police

The Streshian National Police were unofficially founded in January 2018 but officially formed and activated through the Internal Services Act on 22 April 2018. The Streshian National Police have authority to arrest law breakers and are authorized to use lethal force when needed. Officers are equipped with handcuffs, mace, batons, and handguns. Though some officers may be given shotguns and bulletproof vests. Officers are sworn to protect Streshia and its people with their lives.

Streshian Border Troops

The Streshian Border Troops were formed on 22 April 2018 through the Internal Services Act. Border Troops are meant to guard Streshia's boarders from illegal crossings and are the first line of defense if a hostile invasion occurs. Streshian Border Troops are paramilitary and use military hardware in their operations. They are authorized to detain and deport illegal migrants and if necessary, use lethal force.

Streshian National Fire Service

The Streshian National Fire Service was formed on 22 April 2018 by the Internal Services Act. The SNFS has the duty of protecting citizens from fires and dangers related to them. As well as some odds and ends duties like structure collapse rescue and motor collision response. The SNFS also operated emergency ambulance services, transporting patients to hospitals and providing en scene and en route care.


There is currently only one hospital in Streshia. It is in the capitol city, Pratka in the Pratka Oblast. There is a paramedic and occasionally a nurse staffing the hospital. This hospital is called the Pratka Central Hospital(Praтka Senтralno Bolnęтsu).