Ministry of Interior (Atlantis)

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Ministry of Interior


Coat of Arms

Established 19 February 1995
Country Republic of Atlantis
Prime Minister Alexander Virgili
Minister Riley Small
Under Secretary
General Information
Headquarters Poseidon
Website Official Website

The Ministry of Interior of the Atlantis government is the implementing body of domestic policy in the republic, seen as safety, crime prevention, protect the territory from terrorist attacks and responding to natural disasters. It also deals with the regulation of religious denominations, cults or allowed in Atlantis.


The Ministry of Interior control the Police and some departments of the M.I.S.A.


  • Atlantis Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Atlantis Customs and Border Protection
  • Atlantis Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Transportation Security Administration


  1. Sante Carbone
  2. James Connor
  3. Riley Small