Ministry of Defense (Paloma)

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Ministry of Defense
Ministerio de Defensa
Ministry of Defense of Paloma seal.svg
Ministry of Defense logo (Paloma).svg
Agency overview
FormedDecember 25, 2019; 3 years ago (2019-12-25)
JurisdictionGovernment of Paloma
Headquarters1060 Guadeloupe Drive, Paloma City
Annual budgetDinero 210 (2019)
Minister responsible
Child agencies

The Ministry of Defense (MINISDPA) is the ministry of the Government of Paloma responsible for planning, developing and carrying out the general guidelines of the Government about the defense policy as well as protecting national security.

The Ministry of Defense was formed in 2019. In contrast to practice in other nations, the Ministry of Defense does not exercise command authority over the Paloman People's Army (PPA), which is instead subordinate to the Paloman Military Commission (PMC). Instead, the ministry itself only serves as liaison body representing the PMC and PPA when dealing with foreign militaries in military exchange and cooperation.

Its official responsibilities had been to exercise unified administration over the development of the armed forces of the country such as recruitment, organization, equipment, training, scientific military research of the PPA and the ranking and remuneration of the officers and servicemen. The ministry handles many child agencies which purpose is to protect the national security of Paloma.

The Ministry of Defense is headed by the minister of defense, traditionally a member of the Supreme Paloman who reports directly to the president of the Paloma. Beneath the Ministry of Defense are two subordinate intelligence and national security departments: the State Security Reconnaissance and Intelligence (SSRI) and the Federal National Security Safety Agency (FNSSA), all of which are subordinate to the minister of defense.