Ministry of Agriculture (Streshia)

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Ministry of Agriculture
Ministręja ęz Poljaviт
Ministry of foreign affairs.png
Ministry overview
Formed28 December 2017
JurisdictionRepublic of Streshia
Pratka Oblast
Minister responsible
  • N/A, Minister of Agriculture
Deputy Minister responsible
  • None

The Ministry of Agriculture in Streshia is responsible for the enforcement and creation of standards for agriculture related businesses, organizations, and farms. The Ministry of Agriculture also runs, funds, and maintains farms. The Ministry of Agriculture was founded on 28 December 2017.

Federal Farms

Hawk's Wing Farm

The Ministry of Agriculture runs the Hawk's Wing Farm in the Hawk's Wing Oblast. It also manages the yielded crops and processes food coming from the farm as well as from nearby Belabinsk Territory from which wintergreen berries are sourced.