Provincial Secretary of the Interior (Mervustan)

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Provincial Secretary of the Interior of Mervustan
New flag of Mervustan.png
Flag of Mervustan

since 23 November 2022
Department of the Interior
StyleThe Honourable (in Mervustan and rest of Roscamistan)
his Excellency (Diplomatic)
ResidenceRenmore House (summer) Mervustan House (winter)
AppointerGovernor of Mervustan
Term lengthat the Governor’s pleasure
Inaugural holderDean Merritt
Unofficial namesInterior Secretary
DeputyDeputy Provincial Secretary of the Interior

The Interior Secretary, officially the Provincial Secretary of the Interior of Mervustan is the head of the Department of the Interior, top officer in the department and a member of the Mervustani Executive Council. The Provincial Secretary is appointed by the Governor and is responsible for law enforcement and order in the province.

History of the office

The office was created in the Reforms of November, as a position parallel with that of the Home Secretary in the national government. Merritt was made the first Minister of Home Affairs, given along with his position of Deputy Prime Minister. When David Moore resigned, Dean Merritt became Prime Minister of Mervustan, keeping the Home Affairs portfolio.


The Provincial Secretary is responsible for the security and judical matters devolved to it by the Central Government, which include;

  • Security of the Province from external threats
  • Management of the local police force
  • Managing the administration of the Superior Court of Mervustan
  • Devolved matters on Immigration
  • Enforcement of provincial law in Mervustan