Secretary of State for Finance (Roscamistan)

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Secretary of State for Finance of the Republic of Roscamistan
If dying for one’s country is wrong, then I don’t wish to be right.
Matthew Williams in the East Galway Commune.jpeg
Matthew Williams

since 19 January 2022
Ministry of Finance
StyleThe Honourable (domestic)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofCabinet
ResidenceGalway City (official)
AppointerPresident of Roscamistan
Term lengthAt pleasure of the President
Inaugural holderAndrew Brotherton (de facto)
Luke O’Reilly (de jure)
Unofficial namesFinance Secretary
DeputyMinister of State at the Ministry of Finance

The Finance Secretary, officially the Secretary of State for Finance, is the government minister that is chief executive officer of the Ministry of Finance and ex officio the First Chief of the Treasury. The Secretary also appoints the Governor of the Roscami Central Bank with confirmation of the President.

History of the position

The position has had a checkered history, having been used on and off since the beginning of the Republic. The Finance portfolio was held ex officio by Andrew Brotherton, along with the Foreign Affairs portfolio. The office was finally made a proper position when Luke O’Reilly, a friend of Andrew Brotherton was made the Minister of Finance, and in August, Kacper Witek was made Finance Minister and Domestic Advisor.

He was responsible for the annexation of Ennis as an autonomous province and the ceding of the Mountains of Clare back to Ireland. He later quit Roscamistan voluntarily, and Luke was made Minister of Finance, but never did much. In the Reforms of November, Most of the Cabinet, including Luke O’Reilly were sacked, and the Finance Minister position was vacated.

The position became filled again with the direct election and confirmation by the President of Dean Merritt, who was Deputy Defence Minister before the 17thMayCoup, and was rising in the ranks again.

On 24 December 2021, upon resignation of Dean Merritt, Barry Fennel became Minister of Finance. He was impeached from his position on 19 January 2022 by President Andrew Brotherton. Matthew Williams, former Propaganda Minister, was appointed Finance Secretary, and is currently the incumbent as of April 2022.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Secretary reports to the President, and scrutinised by the Finance Ministry Committee, an independent body that scrutinises the action of the Secretary of State. The duties and responsibilities of the Finance Secretary are;

  • Presenting the government’s annual budget to the Chamber of Representatives
  • Appointing the Governor of the Roscami Central Bank with confirmation of the President
  • Help manage government finance
  • Set the policies of the Ministry of Finance and of the Treasury with the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and the Chief Administrative Officer of the Treasury
  • Fund the local government bodies
  • Managing of most finances of the Republic