Minaminese Constitution

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This country is an Absolute Hereditary Monarchy. In this country, the King makes the laws. If a commoner wants to request a law, that is allowed, as long as it doesn’t remove power from any of the royals. If it removes power from any of the royals, that is considered treason. The King also enforces the laws. The military, police, and Royal Family are allowed to arrest people. If someone is suspected of breaking the law, they are brought to the Royal Palace, where the King will decide if they are innocent, or guilty. If they are innocent, they will be brought back where they were found. If they are guilty, they are kept in a holding cell for 3 days. They then have a meeting with the King. They then are kept in the holding cell for another 3 days. Finally, they are brought to a courtroom to decide the punishment. The Royals state their recommended punishment, in order of seniority, then the citizens can vote on what punishment to do- Either one the Royals recommended or they can choose their own. If the guilty party is under the age of 12, age and crime matter when choosing a punishment. If the guilty party is 12 or older, just the crime matters. The majority wins. 2 life imprisonments (the guilty party and their closest blood relative stay in prison for the rest of their lives), life imprisonment (the guilty party stays in prison for the rest of their life), forced servitude (being a personal attendant of the Royal Family), and the death penalty (death by electric chair or drownding) are legal punishments. If after 1 week the King wants to change the punishment, they can- with no voting.


The Royal Family follows female-preference primogeniture (with some exceptions). All Monarchs are called King, no matter their gender. In the Line Of Succession, there can only be 1 Prince or Princess. Only the First-In-Line gets the title. A Queen is the King’s Dog. The King’s Spouse is whoever is married to the King. If a King and King’s Spouse divorce, the person born as a commoner will be stripped of their fortune, title, and extra rights. You cannot abdicate unless you are a King. If all of the Royals die, the Head of the Royal Guard becomes King. All royals have 10 guards. The King and First-In-Line get 25. All royals are above the law, except for not trying to kill/insult their superiors.

Head Of The Royal Guard

The Head of the Royal Guard is also a hereditary position. The First King and the First Head of the Royal Guard are first cousins. If the Head of the Royal Guard dies, their oldest child becomes Head of the Royal Guard, or they can choose to pass the position on to the next person in line. The people in this succession line are brought to a house to train every summer until they become Head of the Royal Guard.

Royal Guard

If a person wants to be a  Royal Guard, at the age of 13, they apply. If chosen, every summer until they are 30, they are brought to a house to train. To train, they are given a schedule and a piece of paper with many hard exercises. They also learn more about Minaminoo and the Royal Family. They are supposed to follow the schedule. It is like school. When needed, they take their place. All Royal Guards get rifles.


There are 5 branches- The Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. At the age of 30, every commoner has to do military service for 3 years. You can choose which branch you want to go into. The Army is a ground force, Marines are both water and land, the Navy is water, the Coast Guard is the river and bay police, and the Air Force is in the air.

How Regular Citizens are Treated

All regular citizens are to be treated with respect and equality. All regular citizens will be provided free water, food, shelter, healthcare, education, and electricity. In every town, there is to be a large coagulation system, flocculation system, sedimentation system, filtration system, disinfection station, and a water tower. There will be a large food store in every town. Also, there will be a large hospital in every town.


In the country, there is required attendance of school from the ages of 5 to 27. The school year will begin on the 1st of September and will end on the 31st of October. During the school year, there will be 24 hours of learning, 7 days a week, coming in just over 1400 hours of school in total. 3 meals a day will be provided during class. After 60 days (24 hour days), there is a 305-day summer break (In a leap year, 306). The required classes are maths, science, European history, Minaminese, English, and the Royal Family.


In this country, you can marry as many people as you want, and you can marry whomever you want. Divorce is legal. You do not have to marry. You can get married at the age of 20, but if you want to get married between the ages of 15 and 19, you have to ask your parents for approval. Families are neither matriarchal nor patriarchal but are more matriarchal. Each family can have an unlimited number of children. Putting your child up for adoption is legal, and adopting a child is legal. You do not have to live in the same house as your family.


In this country, housing is free. You can live by yourself, or with another person/more people, and you don’t even have to be an adult to live by yourself. There is an area specific for housing.


This country embraces technology. The technology is very advanced. The people live a very simple life.


The currency is Pashtosas and Rasposas. 100 Rasposas is equivalent to 1 Pashtosa. The Pashtosas will be made of Cardstock, with the symbols on the top left and bottom right. The numbers go on the top right and the bottom left. There will be a picture of Her First Majesty in the middle. The back will have the Minaminese flag design. Rasposas will be made of gold. The front design will be the number, then Rasposa(s). The back design will be a giant asterisk on the back, with a dot in every space. There is an annual income tax for all citizens.


People get around by walking, cars, bikes, walking, and planes. There is not a system of mass transportation. Trains are not allowed.


Typically, students get 305 days of free time, and adults get a few hours per day after work. There are many things people can do for recreation. Pretty much anything within reason. The government does not control how you spend your free time.

Interstate Commerce

Anyone is allowed to trade with anyone, as long as there is no embargo.

Personal Rights

  • All citizens have 3 freedoms- Freedom of religion, freedom of petition, and freedom of assembly. Freedom of speech is only allowed if you are not within 50 feet of someone working for the government.
  • Citizens are only allowed to have guns if they are Minaminese royalty, currently in the military, or actively serving in the Royal Guard.
  • Citizens are only allowed to shoot guns if they are Minaminese royalty, serving in the military in a war, or actively serving in the Royal Guard.
  • When the royals say a person is guilty of a crime, that is the final word.
  • Slavery of any sort is not allowed, but forced servitude is allowed if it is a criminal’s punishment.
  • People are allowed to be a citizen if they were born in Minaminoo, or if they have written approval by the king to immigrate to Minaminoo.