Millanian Flu Epidemic (2018)

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2018 Millanian Flu Epidemic
Date15 February 2018-1 March 2018
LocationVictoria, Millania
Confirmed cases: 18
Deaths: 0
Affected territories: Seilung, Fushan

On 1 February 2020, an outbreak of influenza started in the Millanian city of Pasabrillo during flu season. In the early days of February, two cases were reported to the Ministry of Welfare's Public Health Office, which eventually were cured. Eventually, the cases began to spread because the affected hosts remained working in Pasabrillo among other Millanians, which resulted in sixteen more cases. In total, at the time, approximately 45% of the population was affected by the virus, and it was declared a public health emergency. The virus eventually subsided in late February.

Government Action

The Millanian Government responded by issuing a public health warning, asking its affected citizens to leave downtown Pasabrillo as soon as possible, and return to their homes. The population largely complied.