Military Police of Misberia

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Military Police of Misberia
Police militaire de Misberia
ᒣeλeᑎaᕂe oᕓ ßᕂᐁaᓀa
Motapekuwin Wapolessu Kulon
Machgonne COA.png
Badge of the Military Police
Machigonne Flag.png
Flag of the Military Police
Founded23 November 2018
Current form23 September 2021
Service branches
  • Sekureca Specialtrupo (S15)
Chief CommissionerArchie Birch
First CommissionerLouis
Active personnel1
Reserve personnel2
Budget30 USD

The Military Police of Misberia (MPM; French: Police militaire de Misberia) provide police, security and operational support services to the Principality of Misberia and the Free State of Uris and the Confederation of the Northern Coast.


The Lygonian Armeo can trace its roots to the Timberian Armed Forces of the former Kingdom of Timberia,the armed forces was merged with the Mistakian Royal Guard in November 2018 following the Treaty of Roosevelt. After the treaty, it became the Misberian Armed Forces and remained lacking of support and was often seen as a failed side project. In early 2019, the armed forces were professionalized following the announcement of Joint Base Maria and the Songo Naval Yard and formal ranks and trainings. The armed forces remained small until early 2020 with the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Following the pandemic, many regions of the nation were closed following lockdown orders from macronational authorities, with the outlook of going back to school minimal and the lack of national projects and get togethers, the armed forces announced many programs and operations to get the population active and keeping in contact. The most major operation of the Armeo's existence was Operation Cracked, which saw a drawn out process of removing the old Founder's Council, who were seeking power and control over the nation. The operation saw many events including the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020, which saw Misberia split into two and reunify a month later. The operation saw its only contact based engagement when Jane Hathaway went to Jamie Birch's house demanding to speak to Archie Birch, following this and a physical altercation, Jane was arrested by macronational authorities for harassment and aggravated assault. The Lygonian Armeo has been used to expand the national territory on many occasions including the exploration and annexation of lands in Lubec and Eastport, Maine, near the City of South Lubeck.

Duties and Tasks

In Misberia, the Military Police has the authority to oversee civilian cases and issues and it is the primary duty of the Military Police of Misberia. The main duties and tasks of the Military Police of Misberia are to conduct:

  1. Physical Security
  2. Law enforcement
  3. Community service and support
  4. State Protocol responsibilities, including as guards of honour

Commander and rank structure

The Commander of the Military Police of Misberia is the Misberian Chief Commissioner (MCC), currently Archie Birch appointed on the 23rd of September 2021. Officers and Non-Commissioned Members serve within the MCC. The MCC employs the same rank structure as the Canadian Armed Forces. Upon recruitment and successful completion of training, Non-Commissioned Members start off at the rank of First Security Coordinator.


  • Lygonia Police Regiment Headquarters - MPB Machias
    • Naples Military Police Regiment - MPB Naples
    • O'Brien Military Police Regiment - MPB Machias

Rank Insignia

Commissioned Officers

NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
Principality of Misberia
CiCLYA.png VCiCDLYA.png GE LYA.png LG LYA.png MJ LYA.png BR LYA.png CO LYA 2.png MA LYA.png CA LYA.png LT LYA.png No equivalent
Chief Commissioner First Commissioner Commissioner Candidate Commissioner First Chief Inspector Chief Inspector Candidate Chief Inspector First Inspector Inspector Candidate Inspector First Security Coordinator

Non-Commissioned Officers

Principality of Misberia
OC 2 LYA.png WO LYA 3.png WO LYA 2.png WO LYA.png SE LYA.png CO LYA.png LYA PT.png Private Rank LYA.png
First Security Coordinator Security Coordinator First Security Assistant Security Assistant Candidate Security Assistant First Auxiliary Officer Auxiliary Officer Candidate Auxiliary Officer


Name Location Commander Personel Unit(s) Announced Ended Ribbon Notes
Operation Cracked Holy Napoli / South Lubeck Archie Birch 20 Second Lygonian Corps

Third Lygonian Corps

1/1/2020 20/2/2021 N/A Helped take down and remove the Founder's Council
Operation Songo Holy Napoli Jamie Birch 7 Second Lygonian Corps 20/3/2020 1/6/2020 Operation Songo LYA.png Mapped the local region
Operation Brook 9 Second Lygonian Corps

First Mara Brigade

5/4/2020 6/4/2020 N/A Helped clean up a local stream
Operation Sally Mae Archie Birch 15 First Mara Brigade

Maria's First Company

18/6/2020 25/6/2020 Operation Sally Mae LYA.png Helped search for Royal Cat
Operation Tropical Strom Jamie Birch 10 Second Lygonian Corps 4/8/2020 5/8/2020 Operation Tropical Storm LYA.png Helped clean up after storm
Memorial Service for Maria Birch Archie Birch 17 Second Lygonian Corps

First Mara Brigade

Maria's First Company

15/8/2020 17/8/2020 Memorial Service for MB Ribbon LYA.png Memorial Service for Maria Birch, served at funeral
Operation Battery Steele 2 First Mara Brigade 16/8/2020 19/8/2020 N/A Expanded claims on to Peaks Island, ME
Operation Roma Nationwide 48 Lygonian Armeo 1/9/2020 8/10/2020 N/A Imperialization of then Misberia
Operation Nuclear Ghandi Nova Maria Jamie Birch 4 First Global Corps 8/10/2020 1/1/2021 Operation Nuclear Gandhi LYA.png Intel
Operation Naughty Dog Operation Naughty Dog LYA.png Mapping of nation
Operation B4B Operation B4B LYA.png Cultural Ideas program
Operation Nom South Lubec Archie Birch 6 Second Mara Brigade 20/3/2021 26/3/2021 Unannounced Helped expand the nation in Lubec