Military Of the United Liberty Federations

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This is the Military structure of the United Liberty Federations

the supreme commander is the Supreme Leader

Vito Kruzkov


___________________ Supreme Officers

Marshal of ULF OF-10

Grand General OF-9

Colonel General OF-8

Lt General OF-7

Major General OF-6

__________________ Senior Officers

Colonel OF-5

Lt. Colonel OF-4

Major OF-3

__________________ Junior Officers

Capitan OF-2

Senior Lieutenant OF-1

Lieutenant OF-00

Junior Lt OF-0

__________________ Under Officers

Senior WO OR-9


__________________ Sergeants

Master Sgt. OR-7

Senior Sgt. OR-6

Sergeant OR-5

Junior Sgt. OR-4

__________________ Soldiers

Corporal OR-3

Gefreiter OR-2

Private OR-1