Microstate of Malonia

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Microstate of Malonia

We Shall Overcome
Capital cityFrenton
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular state
Established8th March 2017
National sportMalBall
National animalOxen
Patron saintSaint Michael

Malonia, Officially the Microstate of Malonia, is an sovereign microstate located within the United Kingdom. It was founded by current Head of Nation, Parker Wilkins. It is an Benevolent dictatorship, Malonia's National Virtues are Freedom, Happiness & Wisdom. it's main territories are Frenton, Lyndell & Hawkcliffe. It's Culture is mainly based upon the United Kingdom's. The National Holidays are Foundation Day (8th - March), Autumnal Celebration (31 October), Festive Feast Day (25 November), Christmas (25 December) & New Years Day (1 January).